Friday, April 5, 2013

Q and A with Big Brother Canada's latest evictee Glitter Gary

Big Brother Canada had it's first triple eviction. Yes, TRIPLE EVICTION: Gary Levy and his alter-egos Gerald and Zoe were all kicked to the curb in a 5-0 vote against Topaz. The Secret Wedding Alliance is dead as well. Man, it's just death all over the place - I really should have worn a black veil respect of the whole situation.

It wasn't always glitter sprinkles between Gary and I. Gary quickly made it onto my hate list when he entered the house wearing platforms and throwing around glitter like he was in a friggin' parade...but over time he grew on me to the point where I was devastated any time his name would come up as a nominee and I went into full on mourning when I found out he was going to get the boot from the house.

How would we function without Glitter Gary? How would we be entertained without the head of the Glitteratti? Tear.

We are now left with Talla as our entertainment and I will say - her borderline lobotomus behaviour is entertaining for about five seconds and then it is just obnoxious. The only time I can handle it is when Peter is there silently judging her with his eyes.

Usually as the houseguests leave the house I am able to do some quick and dirty exit interviews, but now that the evictees are headed for jury they can't come in contact with the real world just yet. Can't have anyone feeding them information that may sway their finale vote. Lucky for you there are some people who he can talk to and he did a generic exit interview. Here are some of his answers...and yes, he talks lovingly about glitter.

On getting evicted:
I'm very, very surprised I thought Topaz was out the door and I was working on my play for next week. I had no idea it was me.

On Topaz:
She's a beautiful girl - she's like black Barbie. Who wouldn't want to play with Barbie all day?

On Jillian:
My fave girl to style was definitely Jillian. Once you wipe away that teacher and sprinkle sex on her she turns into a super model. I like seeing a 360 change in people. Jillian went from something to SUMPIN!

On getting put on slop:
My world crumbled. I cried, I sobbed. It was a very low point for me. Slop is just not my lifestyle. I got through it though. I'm a survivor.

On his 'reactions' to things in the house:
Every reaction you got from me was purely honest and I wouldn't change a thing.

Where his GLITTER obsession came from:
I had a bad moment in my life: I broke up with an ex, I had trouble with friends, and I moved out of my apartment. The day I moved, there was a jar of glitter sitting out and I looked at it and it spoke to me. So I poured it on my face, looked into the mirror, and I felt so much better!

What glitter means to him:
Glitter comes before water for me. It keeps me going.

To his fans:
Thank you to everyone who sent glitter my way! When I was too lazy to walk to my room and get glitter, I felt it coming from Canada - I always felt the support.

Gary is out of the house, but I would bet my life saving (if I had any) on us seeing this crazy kid again. You have not seen the last of Glitter Gary!


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