Wednesday, April 17, 2013

90210's Ian Ziering to join the Chippendales for the month of June

You may have heard the rumour this week that there was going to be a Friends reunion show. False, as are most things that are reported by stating "According to the Internet..." Um yes, totally reliable.

Anyways, to make up for the crushing feeling inside that you may have had after realizing a Friends reunion is about as probable as Seth MacFarlane only using politically correct material on Family Guy, you may need a pick me up.

Another face from the 90s is coming back, and this information IS confirmed. Beverly Hills 90210 alumni, Ian Ziering, is confirmed to be taking the stage with the famous male stripping group the Chippendales in Vegas starting in June for four weeks.

Fun fact: Ian Ziering is 49 years old.
Fun fact #2: 90s actor Joey Lawrence also did a stint at Chippendales, but he is 36.
Fun fact #3: Chippendale dancers Jaymes and James should have won the Amazing Race 21, robbed.
Fun fact #4: I completely understand if this was not the Friends disappointment pick me up you were looking for. I hear shots of anything alcoholic can do the trick.

If Magic Mike has spawned some weird 'I will make my comeback through stripping' phenom, can we at least set an age limit?


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