Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 Greatest Backstreet Boys songs in honor of the 20th Anniversary

Everyone stop what you are doing. Today is an important day. It's the Backstreet Boys 20th anniversary!


This is also an indicator of my age and my ridiculous loyalty because I have stayed a fan since my tween years...through the rise, peak, bad albums, rehab, Kevin deserting, AJ going bald, AJ getting hair plugs, the House of Carters, the attempts at solo careers and Kevin rejoining the band. So much drama, especially with AJ's hair.

To honor this great milestone I will share with you my top 10 Backstreet Boys songs.

I Want It That Way
Millennium was the best album of the 90s, this was the best song off that album, thus it is the best song of the 90s - hands down.

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
This music video is their best. I am sure if YouTube was around during the prime of BSB Justin Bieber's view numbers would not even hold a candle to this gem. I also think that the dance in this song would be as prominent as Psy's Gangnam Style horse riding, obviously.

Quit Playing Games with My Heart
You always have a special place in your heart for your first...and this was my introduction to the Boys. (Video Side Note: Open pastel shirts in the rain - yeah, love it.)

The Call
We used to always make fun of the girl on the phone at the beginning of this song. "Helllooo?" This was the first song on Black and Blue album...the start of the darker more edgy side of the BSB. I will admit, it was when their popularity started to fall, but I didn't waver in my devotion.

As Long As You Love Me
I used to cry listening to this song. True story. Need I say more?

Never Gone was the last album that Kevin was on before his unrecommended lapse from the group. Shame on your Kevin. This was one of the best and more well known songs of the album. I also really liked Siberia which never really took off anywhere else except my living room.

Get Down
The translation of this song is "Baby I love you, let's bang." How I was allowed to dance around to this song as a tween without my dad lighting my CD player on fire is beyond me. Fun Fact: I can do the 'rap' part of this song. I'm totally hood, in a white girl suburban kind of way.

Larger Than Life
Besides the fact that I detest this music video, this is one of the stand out songs on this beauty of an album.

What Makes You Different
I have put this on the list because you probably didn't even know this song existed...and every time I hear that stupid One Direction What Makes You Beautiful song I want to shake a baby.

I'll Never Break Your Heart
The voice over at the beginning of this song makes the world a better place. Also must note AJ and Nick's hair in this video...holymuthafucker.



  1. "Fun Fact: I can do the 'rap' part of this song. I'm totally hood, in a white girl suburban kind of way." I LOL'd at this and I really want to see you this perform this.

    1. I just tried. I still got it. One day maybe you will.


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