Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Griswold family features will never die, the return of Clark and Ellen

There had been talks of another Vacation movie for a while, but whether or not Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo would return as Clark and Ellen Griswold would definitely be the selling point for fans.

It didn't look like it would happen, but Variety has stated that both Chase and D'Angelo are in early talks to join the film. Oh happy day.

This addition to the Vacation family will revolve around their son Rusty, who is now all grown up and taking his own family on a vacation of their own...with a stop at grandma and grandpa's house, of course.

My favorite version of Rusty was obviously the Christmas Vacation one played by Johnny Galecki. This Rusty will unfortunately not be Galecki, but another current TV star, Ed Helms. Meh, could be good.


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