Friday, March 15, 2013

Simon Cowell making a musical about X Factor

Simon Cowell is bringing the X Factor to the stage - no, not the X Factor stage, but the London musical stage.

Syco Entertainment, Cowell's company, is co-producing a musical spoof about the show that will be an 'affectionate poke' at the show. The show will be called X Factor - It's Time to Face the Musical!, will feature 19 new songs and will hit the London stage in 2014.

I sometimes wonder if Simon Cowell has anything up his sleeve that isn't talent show related. American Idol, Pop Idol, Got Talent, X Factor, the YouTube talent contest and now a play based on a talent show? What is next a movie? I think that has already been done, and it was terrible, so please spare us Simon.

Will Simon find success in anything that doesn't involves bringing regular people into the spotlight? I guess we all have a calling. This is his.


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