Friday, March 29, 2013

Rihanna hits up Commonwealth and Boudoir Rouge in Calgary

Rihanna is currently in Calgary ahead of her concert on Saturday night at the Saddledome.

Rumours always fly around as to where people are when they come to town, from where they are staying to what restaurants and clubs they attend.

Supposedly last night she hit up Commonwealth before heading over to the ever classy Boudoir Rouge strip club where she had a reservation for 12 people and didn't arrive until 3 AM.

This is the only confirmed location of the star as she posted photos on Instagram of the strippers and then removed them. Scandalous. Not really, but whatever. She probably removed them because it's porn and 12 year olds follow her.

RiRi has one more day/night to kill in Calgary before her show...where will she be next?


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  1. She is super pretty and very talented. I love Rihanna.


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