Thursday, March 14, 2013

RECAP: Big Brother Canada Week 2 PoV and King Tom

Tonight on Big Brother Canada...

The houseguests all seem to be unimpressed with the way Tom has been acting like he is king of the castle. Now that he has won HOH, all of the power seems to be going to his head. Peter, Alec, Emmett and Liza all tell the DR that Tom needs to calm down or head for the door.

The PoV competition is going to take place and Tom is really wanting one of the people in his alliance, preferably Emmett, to get picked to play. No such luck. Liza, Topaz and Aneal are picked to play against Gary Suzette and Tom. Talla is chosen as the host and her reaction makes me think that she thinks there is some money or sexual favours tied in with the hosting duties - she is gonna be one sad panda when she realizes that isn't true.

Tom gets pumped up for the competition...not that anyone really needed to see that. Does the Canadian public really want to hear about how Tom gets himself pumped up before he plays sports and watch him listen to music and flex into the mirror? If BB was trying to drive home the point that he is a douche, we got it. You can stop now.

Gary gets himself pumped up for the game by busting out his second alter ego (the first is Zoe, his female side which you
saw in the drag show) named Gerald. He talks about pissing, know, the normal 'bro' lingo. I am not sure who I love
more, Gerald or Glitter Gary.

The competition is Puck Off and has all of the players shooting pucks at a net that is lined with photo tiles of the people who are playing. Before you can shoot a puck you have to answer correctly a question that is asked about the game. Correct answers get to shoot one puck.

Gary and Tom are both excited about the competition because they both play(ed) hockey and could potentially win the comp.

The first question to get answered correctly is by Aneal. He is aiming to get out Suzette, but since he can't shoot worth a penny he knocks out Gary. Gary is pissed obviously because he didn't even get to shoot and he could have won.

Next up is Topaz, she also aims for Suzette but ends up knocking out Liza. Suzette wins the next one and the house hold their breath. Obviously she is going to go for Tom her arch-nemesis. She shoots, but because she was standing at a horrendous angle she knocks out her own tile eliminating herself from the competition. Burn.

On her way over to the bench she calls Tom a 'f-cking redneck'. Tom stands there with his eyes wide and like any good respecting Canadian says nothing back to her - everyone braces for the aftermath and Talla tells them to play nice. Emmett tells Suzette what for and the game continues.

Tom gets the next answer and eliminates Topaz. He then wins the last question as well and eliminates Aneal. King Tom has won the PoV once again and now has things back where he likes them - 100% in his control.

Suzette says in the DR that she feels bad about what she said to Tom and needs to apologize to him for what happened. She goes up to the HOH and tells Tom that he deserves respect and she shouldn't have called him a redneck. (What they didn't show in this episode was Suzette crying in the living room apologizing to Tom in front of the entire house...very weird. I would have thought that would have made for better TV. But I guess Suzette going to Tom directly made her look more legit).  Tom forgives her and they hug it out.

Tom decides to honor what he said to Gary about taking him off the block if he won PoV and now needs a replacement. Tom calls AJ up to his room and says that he is going to be taking Gary off and needs a pawn. AJ agrees like a total idiot and then proceeds to go into the diary room and say that he 'feels like the safest pawn in Big Brother history'...which are pretty much the famous last words of anyone to ever be a pawn in Big Brother...ever.

Jillian tries to convince Tom to keep Gary on the block because he is a strong player and she wants to get him out. Tom knows that it is just because she knows that Gary will be gunning for her if he wins HoH. Tom says he is sticking to his word. Aw, poor Jill.

In between all of the PoV drama Andrew is tasked with making a meal for the house that tastes terrible and getting them to say it is good. If complete he will win a pizza and beer party for the house. He does it, they get beer, Talla drinks it and gives Aneal a ridiculous lap dance. What a waste.

Liza and Peter formed a secret alliance a while ago. Both of them claim to be controlling the other one to all of the other HGs in their respective alliances. But according to Peter and Liza there may be something more there than just an alliance...I mean, Peter did say that they held hands for a couple seconds - next step is the condom cupboard, obviously.  But for real, Peter needs to stay the f-ck away from Liza, she is the devil. And I am not just saying that because I have hated Liza from day one and have been Team Peter since before the show even started...oh wait, that is exactly why I am saying this. She will ruin him. Ruin.

What else happened? Oh yeah, Gary confirms that he has never done laundry before. Tom teaches him how to use the laundry machines and how to sort his clothes. Gary is completely useless and Big Brother should really just let him send his stuff out to get dry-cleaned - which is how he says he does his laundry in the real world (Good Lord, where the f-ck does this bitch work? A billionaire bar?)

The PoV ceremony happens and both of the nominees plead their case. Tom uses the PoV on Gary as promised and AJ is put on the block.

Host Arisa Cox comes on at the end of the episode and tells Canada that they are going to be able to SAVE one of the people on the block (which was described to us last week as 'Canada gets the PoV'). On the Big Brother Canada website from now until 2 PM EST tomorrow (March 14) you can vote on who you would like to stay in the house. I am not a Big Brother fanatic or anything, but it looked like it was going to be a pretty cut and dry eviction - like Kat. Everyone was down with getting rid of Suzette so she was basically out of the door - and now a twist. I would bet my unborn child's University tuition on AJ getting sent home tomorrow and Canada deciding to save Suzette.

Up until this week I think production didn't really care if she stayed, went or passed out under a bed and we never saw her again...but ever since she started having tension with Tom and the verbal arguments have erupted it has been pretty entertaining. They let Danielle go home and they can't let the only other person in the house who is stirring the pot to leave as well. A happy Big Brother house is not an entertaining one.

Tomorrow we find out who Canada saves and if that means that an alternate person will go on the block or if AJ will just head out the door.



  1. Wow!!!!! How Suzette is not eliminated from Big Brother for calling someone a "redneck", is quite mind boggling to me. Since when does using that word as a verbal attack, become acceptable? Outrageous!!!!!!



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