Sunday, March 17, 2013

Recap: Big Brother Canada HOH Re-Do Week 4

Big Brother Canada is not messing around. The houseguests have found out often that Big Brother does not mess around when it comes to the rule book. They have been punished time and time again for their disobedience. This week they learned that you do not cheat during competitions - or it could cost you your winnings.

After the HOH competition on Thursday it was brought to the attention of Big Brother that some of the houseguests cheated during the HOH competition that Emmett won.

On the day of the Have-Not (HN) competition the HGs were brought into the living room expecting that they were about go into the HN comp and Big Brother dropped a bomb. He said that in the HOH competition four people were caught cheating and that would not be allowed in the Big Brother house.

The four people who were guilty of cheating were shown on the house TV. Jillian, Talla, Alec and the winner of the competition, Emmett. Big Brother announces that because of their cheating the four were going to be HNs...and that Emmett was no longer HOH.

The Have-Not competition was now going to be turned into a new HOH competition. The four HN were not allowed to compete and neither was Tom. Tom would host a 'True False' quiz where the HGs had to answer questions based on a parade of weird St. Patrick's Day people that had waltzed through the house earlier in the day.

The competition came down to AJ, Suzette and Gary doing a number tie breaker. Gary was the closest to the number and was named the new HOH. The spastic excitement that he displayed when his winning was announced made my life. I am not sure that 'humility' is found in the Dictionary of Gary...or any word associated with it in any form. Hell, I'd be excited too if I was put on the block every week and finally had a week of chill time. That's some Glitter magic.

Emmett had to move out of the HOH room into the HN room...from King of the Castle to lowly servant in the matter of a day. How tragic. Emmett talks in the DR about how he wouldn't want to have something that he didn't deserve to win and hopes that he didn't disappoint his family at home.

Alec is back on slop again...that's three weeks in a row for anyone who is counting. Talla is back after having a week of reprieve and Jillian is on week two. I guess the old saying is true..."Cheaters never prosper." Well, in this case anyways.

With the shift in power Gary is now wanting to make a big move. He asks all the HGs to come and talk to him about who they would put up and why. He is gathering intel and trying to get a pulse on the situation. At the end of the convos it looks like he is going to go with Liza as the target and Tom as the pawn.

Peter, who we all know is in a very ill-advised alliance with the devil Liza, inadvertently suggests that Gary put up Emmett and Jillian. He then goes to report to Emmett that Gary wants to put him up. Luckily for Gary Topaz was in the room and squashes that idea right away. Topaz says that Gary lied to him because they think that Peter is in an alliance with Liza.

Peter tries to play the "poor me" card (which has worked for him so far in this game so might as well continue) and says that he was the innocent sweet guy that was getting manipulated by this domineering woman...Liza must be preying on him because he is dorky and doesn't get chicks ever. Topaz and Emmett legitimately looked as if they bought his reasoning. Peter's dirty little secret is safe for now.

The nomination ceremony gets underway and it looks like Gary doesn't care whatsoever that Tom used the PoV on him last week and puts him up against Liza. He tells Tom during the ceremony that his real target is Liza and that he will use the PoV on him if he wins it. He then tells Liza that she is a strong social gamer and the rest of the house agrees that she has to go.

Tom leaves the nomination ceremony feeling back-stabbed. In all of his DR comments from earlier in the episode he was going off about how comfortable he was going into the nominations because there was no way that Gary would stab him or Liza in the back. He is now saying that Gary and Topaz better watch out because he is coming for them next.

Three things that I would like to point out from this episode:

1. Tom thinks that a person's word holds waaaay to much weight in this game. Has he never seen Big Brother before? There is not one person in that house that wouldn't throw him in front of a train after telling him that they would never harm a hair on his head. That's the game.

2. Peter is one dumb idiot if he continues things with Liza after it has been revealed to him that people are onto their charade. Besides the fact that she is playing every single person in this house - does he really want to catch whatever she is harboring down there?

3. Liza is a slew that reassures people of her loyalty by wrapping her legs around them. She also said that she doesn't like Emmett because she couldn't control him, but I am sure she would have tried if he had the slightest bit of interest in her at all.


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  1. AWESME RECAP and sooo True! Tom really needs to leave the house , as the game has clearly gone to his head. His biggeset mistake was gettting too comfortable , too fast. I hope he leaves this week!


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