Friday, March 1, 2013

Recap: Big Brother Canada Eviction Week 1

The first Big Brother Canada live eviction was this evening...well actually, it was taped in front of a live studio audience and then played back 4 hours later. This wouldn't have been a big deal except the show has 24 hour live feeds coming from the house.

I will get to the recap right after I rant for a moment about this disaster.

The people watching the feeds knew when the actual evictions were taking place and on top of that they turned the feeds back on after it was over. The people watching the live feeds were then able to see, based on the process of elimination, who had been sent home. This was also hours before the show started.

It was very anticlimactic.

On the American version of the show they have the live eviction, which is actually live so there are no chances of spoilers from the live feeds, and then directly after that there is a Head of House competition. They show the beginning of the competition and then the show goes off the air. The people who have purchased the live feeds then turn them on and are able to see who wins.  The only thing you can't find a spoiler for before hand is the live eviction. HOH, nominations and POV are always seen by the people who watch the feeds before the public.

Anyways, the eviction show still happened so here is my recap. I'll keep it short.

Tom won the POV yesterday and today used it to take himself off of the block, leaving Emmett and forcing Suzette to put up a replacement nominee.

There seems to be a lot of talk from the houseguests about Gary being the replacement because people think he is a little too much to handle. He also has an obsession with glitter which multiple houseguests have complained about. Aneal decides that he wants to make a move to get Gary out of the house and he steals some and starts dropping it everywhere.

They cannot get rid of Gary, he is too entertaining.

At some point the focus shifts from Gary to Kat. Kat has a conversation with Suzette about why she should keep her and comes off very aggressive. Suzette is not impressed and says in the DR that she is going to put up Kat.

At the replacement nominee ceremony Suzette announces that Kat is the replacement.

There is a challenge when the houseguests have to be handcuffed to another person for a day. Best pairs were Tom and Gary and Danielle and Peter. Tom and Gary got the most screen time as Tom is clearly uncomfortable being attached to a gay man and Gary is so outrageous that it made for good television. Danielle burns Peter when she says she is sad that she didn't get to be paired up with anyone hot in the challenge.

The voting Arisa Cox is a bit over the top, which I think is making people annoyed (according to Twitter). It was strange that it felt so awkward when they taped it previously and could have done some editing to make her look better. For example, she calls Suzette 'Susan' and then corrects herself and they didn't take it out. Rude.  Also when the houseguests go into vote it is awkward. Someone needs to give everyone a little bit more instruction.

In an 11 to 1 vote, Kat is the first person ever in the history of Big Brother Canada to get voted out of the house. Bad ass. Liza was the only person to vote out Emmett, and we are not really sure why.

Kat leaves the house and talks to Arisa on the outside. She says that she would have aligned herself with more of the gamers if she could have done anything differently.

There was a guest appearance by Dan Gheesling, the runner up from the last season of American Big Brother and the greatest player in the history of the game (suck it Will Kerby). He was there for ten seconds, said nothing of great consequence. Mentioned Peter was his favorite and then he left. What a waste.

There is then a shot of the houseguests doing their first actual HOH competition. They are dressed as lumberjacks and have to hold onto a tree while standing on pegs in the sides of them. Suzette doesn't play because she is the current HOH (probably for the best, she would have been the first one off, guaranteed).

That was it for the first eviction of BBCAN. I have mixed feelings due to the live feed fiasco and learning who got evicted prior to the show, but I am still not losing hope in the fact that they will fix this for the future.

As far as my love hate list is an update:

Emmett (but please, lose the cowboy hat)

Everyone else.

Tom and Topaz (Cubic Zirconia) got themselves knocked off the love list for two different reasons. CZ's 'cuddlemance' with Alec makes me want to throw myself into crocodile infested waters and Tom's frat boy homophob-like attitude is shining through and it is about as attractive as 5 ft tall 400 pound man eating a brick of butter. So gross.

I have an above average hatred for the following people: Suzette (annnnnnoooooyyyyyinnggg), AJ (shut up already) and Danielle (can you make Calgary look worse? CAN YOU?).  Liza is not on this list anymore, but I am still not loving her.

I am really disappointed that there isn't a female in the house that I really like. I thought I would like Cubic Z, but she is just turning into a dud.


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  1. Thanks for this. Great re-cap. As a Newfie, I kind of have to like Andrew. He seems like a nice guy. Tom is a mega-douche though.


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