Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recap: Big Brother Canada Episode 4

The episode starts with Aneal crying after getting put on the block. He makes Jillian feel really bad for saying she would never put him up and then putting him up. In the DR Aneal tells BB that he is crying to everyone that he can because he wants people to feel sorry for him. He is in the storage room with Emmett crying and looks at the camera and smiles.

Gary is very mad about the nominations. He puts on a veil and talks in the DR about how he must win the PoV because no one else is looking out for him.

Jillian and Emmett were kind of flirty before, but now they are together all of the time. Tom, Danielle and Liza notice. Tom wants to make sure that him and Emmett are still the tightest.

They talk about the different showmances in the house. Topaz and Alec, Liza and Tom and Emmett and Jillian.

Peter is coming out of the Diary Room and the moose on the wall talks to him. The moose tells Peter that her name is Marsha. Marsha is definitely the voice of Trevor Boris of Video on Trial (he is also a producer of BB Canada). Marsha tells Peter that he has a secret task and if he completes it he wins a reward for the whole house.

Peter's task is using 3 quotes in regular conversations with three houseguests in the next hour. Peter does it. The only one that was interesting was when he told Talla that he "had a rash in a really awkward place."

The PoV ceremony happens. The players are Gary, Danielle, Peter, Aneal, AJ and Jillian. The players have to make snowballs, jump on a merry-go-round and then toss the snowball at hit over little snowmen that look like they should be in a carnival game. Gary wins.

We find out that the name of Peter and Alec's alliance is "The Shield" and that they have been together since day one in the house. They decided that they were going to play a prank on the house once a week until they leave. The first prank was making everyone believe that it was Alec's birthday. The houseguests threw him a party.

After the PoV competition Jillian is trying to figure out who will go up on the block instead of Gary because he will obviously take himself down. Danielle offers to go up as a pawn because she is told that the target has been Aneal since the beginning.

The reward for Peter completing his task is a Apres Ski Party. The Have-Nots even get to eat the food which makes Peter, Alec, Tom and Talla very excited. Tom gets mad at Gary, Talla and Danielle because they drink the entire bottle of vodka.

Liza and Jillian talk to each other and decide that they need to form a girls alliance because the boys don't really care about them.

Danielle is put up on the block as a replacement nominee after volunteering.

We'll have to see if she stays the pawn or not. Dun dun dun.


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