Friday, March 22, 2013

RECAP: Big Brother Canada Double Eviction Night!

The Canadian Big Brother players got a first hand feel for a double eviction in last night's episode. The players may have thought that this week would be twist free after the Canadian public saved Suzette, but they couldn't have been more wrong. Two people walked out the door yesterday and yes, you probably guessed who.

Before we found out who walked out the door, Big Brother decided to let the world in on what the Live Feeders were calling Shower Gate or Flash Gate.

Earlier this week Alec won the PoV and didn't use it on Tom...Tom was not happy. One night while Alec was showering Tom decided it would be fun to open the shower door on him and expose his man bits to the entire country. Cut to Tom telling everyone about it and acting like it was hilarious. Then cut to Alec crying in the diary room about how this will devastate him outside of the house.

One must remember that Alec has been on slop for almost three full weeks at this point and is going slowly crazy, while Tom is a 'dude' who doesn't really think before he acts, ever. So the scenario is already set for disaster. 

Topaz finds out about it and loses it on Tom and then on Liza. The Sleeping Beauty is awake...yikes, is this what we have been missing for the past three weeks? Cause I am liking this fierce side of Topaz.

After the rage of Topaz, Tom looks like he feels bad about the situation. There is a shot of him on the hammock with Liza crying about how people don't understand his life. An interesting edit for those people who watch the live feeds - he was actually crying to Liza about his mom having breast cancer, not about how the house perceives him about his actions against Alec. A tacky edit if you ask me. Tisk.

That was the end of Shower Gate. What they don't know is that a peen shot has never surfaced and most likely never will. Dr. Beall is safe from any below-the-waste nudity in a Google search for now.

The show cuts back to Liza and Tom on the block. Tom and Liza give their speeches to the house. They were boring and uneventful. The voting starts and is also uneventful. As usual all of the houseguests vote to evict the same person, Tom, except for Emmett who stays true to his bro until the end. Alec accidentally votes to evict Peter, but quickly corrects himself and votes to evict Tom.

In an 8-1 vote Tom is sent packing.Tom says bye to Liza and Emmett, ignores Jillian and walks out of the house. In his interview with Arisa Tom says that he is shocked because everyone had been reassuring him all day that he was not going home. Discernment is not a skill that Tom possesses.

Tom then gets to hear his goodbye messages and the best, by far, was from Peter,

"Tom, you are awful at this game. You're impulsive and irrational and even though stupid is curable, ignorance is forever. Don't worry about Liza, I'll keep her warm."

Tom is now out of the house, now who will Canada hate?

The Head of House competition took place with a 'what competition did this happen in' face off with all of the remaining houseguests except Gary. The final two standing were Andrew and Alec. I'm not sure what Alec was thinking, but he blatantly threw the competition to Andrew giving him the answer and shaking his hand before Andrew rung in and won.

I could probably write an entire post on the pros and cons of Alec's decision to do this, but I will spare you. Throwing the competition was a good call, not being at all subtle about it may not have been his best bet.

Andrew then had to nominate two people for eviction. He doesn't discuss it with anyone and I assume it is because he is aware that the whole house will probably want to give Liza the boot. He nominates Suzette and Liza and then draws for the PoV competition. AJ, Peter and Emmett are drawn to compete and we head back out into the backyard.

The contestants have to chew gum while bouncing on a ball across the yard and then use that gum to stick photos of the HGs in order of who fell off the trees in the first HOH competition. It was awful...the only good part was Suzette falling flat on her face while trying to bounce across the yard. Emmett came out as the victor.

Emmett decides not to use the Veto and Arisa asks him why and he states, "Coming through this house I met a lot of great people and a lot of people who I thought were really truthful to me and one of them here sits on the block today, so I'm gonna leave her up there."And then he states that he is talking about Liza.

Is this a case of 'accent confusion'? Help me out here East Coasters, because it sounds like he should have said 'weren't truthful to me'...cause what he said makes no sense. She's a great person and was truthful? OK, we all know what he means, but damn - GET IT RIGHT.

Liza and Suzette do their 'save me' speeches. Liza says the same thing she said the first time around and Suzette say something about boys and football. Whatever. The HGs vote...Gary and Topaz give some attitude to Liza while Peter and Talla look kind of sad to be sending her out the door.

To Liza's credit, she did gracefully make an exit from the house and gave hugs to everyone...she also slipped something down Peter's shirt (everyone calm down, it was a friggin hair elastic). Liza exits and sits for her interview with Arisa. She immediately asks where Tom is - keep it in your pants girl, your not off camera yet.

Liza says she was the worst player in Big Brother history and couldn't imagine being in the house without Tom so this was probably for the best.

The goodbye messages to Liza were also quite good considering the whole house thought that it was going to be Tom leaving and not her. Gary is so gracious in his messages - seriously, heart the Glitter boy. My favorite messages to Liza came from the Shield.

"Hey Liza, I think you're a weird person and I don't like you."  - Alec

"You were the only person in the house that I felt like I could completely be myself with. It is a shame that you did not pick brains over brawn cause now you're gone." - Peter

How much time do you think those two sit around thinking of the perfect send off? For real, I love it.

So, Tom and Liza are officially out of the house...who will the country collectively hate on now? A quick update to my love hate list is as follows:

Topaz (girl has got some protective instincts and stands her ground), Gary (can't hate the glitter), Alec (even though he's a cryer, he did the respectable thing with Tom) and of course Peter (he almost got himself off this list with his Liza 'thing', but now that she's gone I think we are good to go).

Right now I don't hate anyone...Andrew is starting to get on my nerves and AJ and Talla have been irritating from day one and it has become part of everyday life - like an unfortunate pain that you just get used to over time.

Tune in Sunday night to find out who wins HOH and who will be the house target this week.


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  1. I felt sooo bad for Alec in this episode :( I hate tom he went way too far. but now thank god him and Liza are gone!! this was the best eviction ever haha I hope Alec wins he's my favorite <3 <3 <3


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