Thursday, March 14, 2013

RECAP: Big Brother Canada and the Backdoor Eviction Ceremony

Drama, Drama, Drama.

This week there was a twist on eviction night. Everything pointed to Suzette walking out the door and AJ being safe as the pawn, but then Big Brother intervened and gave Canada a second PoV for the week letting them keep one of the nominees safe forcing Tom to nominate yet ANOTHER houseguest for eviction.

First the announcement came that Suzette was the one that Canada decided to keep. Tom's face made the whole episode worth while - complete disappointment. Suzette walked off the block leaving AJ thinking - um, safest pawn in the history of Big Brother? Maybe I spoke to soon.

Tom takes Emmett into the storage room to decide who to put up on the block. They discuss putting up someone like Topaz to send AJ home, but in the end decide to go with Aneal. Aneal had previously been a target of Emmett's and a lot of people in the house thought he was a little bit sneaky and didn't trust him.

The voting starts and it looks like it is going to be a landslide victory for AJ...which is surprising that the whole house got on the same page so fast...

I understand the nomination of Aneal, but what I don't understand is why they decided to keep AJ - the most annoying player since Rachel Riley. If you think that AJ talking to himself is cute or funny we will never be friends.

At the end of the votes it is close to unanimous with 8 people in favour of Aneal going home to 2 people wanting to keep him. Liza voted for Aneal, because Liza doesn't give a shit about the 'house' vote as we know from the Kat eviction. Jillian also voted for Aneal, probably to try to make up for the fact that she also had him evicted the previous week even though they were friends. Sorry Jillian, I don't think that really makes up for it. You are the reason the kid had a target on his face in the first place.

Aneal walks out the door with class. He is surprised, but not really. Which makes you wonder if the houseguests said anything to him between his nomination and the voting procession. He almost cries when he is talking to Arisa - Aneal's time in the game is done.

I would be super pissed if I got back-doored like that. No goodbye messages? That is the best part of the show (when done right).

Aneal is gone and the houseguests must quickly forget about him and get ready to play in the HOH challenge. First they must put on giant bee costumes and then get ready to collect 'pollen' aka the balls that kids jump in in playland that usually smell like piss, but they these ones are probably new.

The race is close, but Emmett pulls out a win and the Ox and Ram alliance rules once more. I'm not sure that this will be any different than last week. He will probably put up Suzette and Gary, because it is too early to go after Liza and Andrew and AJ's time hasn't come yet - or has it?

I am not looking forward to the Jillian and Emmett show in the HOH room again. A big part of me wants Jillian to be on slop again so they are separated for night feeds cause I just don't want to see that love shit anymore. Emmett basically ran Jillian's HOH - so he will be comfortable being the official king of the castle this week.



  1. This HoH was horrible!! Some of the collection boxes didn't work (I think Peter's was one of them), also it was glaringly obvious that Emmett cheated. You could clearly see him running with the pollen balls in his hands. Ridiculous.

  2. I actually disagree with AJ being the most annoying since Rachel Reiley. It's physically impossible to be more annoying than Rachel. NOBODY can top her annoyance factor - not even the Hantz family. (And that's saying something.)

    Part of th reason Rachel's so annoying is the production LOVES her and constantly thrusts her in our faces.


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