Friday, March 15, 2013

Interview: Big Brother Canada's latest casualty Aneal Ramkissoon

On the third eviction night in the Big Brother Canada house, Aneal Ramkissoon fell victim to the first big twist of the season. With Canada given a second Power of Veto and Suzette getting taken off the block, Tom had to make a quick decision and name a replacement nominee. Aneal was put on the block and sent packing within minutes of the reveal in an 8 to 2 vote.  

This morning, fresh off the disappointment of last night’s events, I was able to talk to Aneal and find out his thoughts on the house and departure.

My first question was about his reaction to his dismissal. He didn’t seem too shocked when he walked out the door, sad that he had to make his exit from the house so suddenly, but not shocked.

I asked Aneal why it didn’t look like he was too surprised when Arisa announced his name. At what point after the twist was announced did he know that he was going home and how did he know that?

"I knew I was going home when Tom was about to name the replacement nominee. He didn’t make eye contact with me and before every PoV ceremony or nomination we always locked eyes for some reason and I knew the fact that he couldn’t look at me was not going to be good for me."

He may also not have been surprised that he was nominated after Tom took Emmett to the storage room to discuss who was going to be put up. Emmett has been after him for a while. To the viewer it seemed like Aneal’s friendship with Jillian may been his greatest mistake. Jillian told Emmett everything that he said and then Emmett started gunning for him. I asked Aneal if he felt that this was the reason for the target he had acquired and if it wasn’t - why did he have one?

"I do think that definitely could have hurt me, but I think the biggest target I had on my back was that everybody felt comfortable talking to me in terms of game whether it be on a large scale or a small scale. Nobody really knew where I stood and I was kind of just kind of feeling things out and gleaning information from the others when I could. I think it the fact that nobody really really knew where I stood. There wasn’t a really clear divide on which side I stood on."

We did know where a lot of the players did stand, or where they said they stood. Liza seems to be gaining a lot of traction in the game and there are a couple of other social players that seem to be coming out of the woodwork as actual gamers.

I was curious to know what players Aneal saw as the biggest threats. I asked Aneal if he was back in the game and he was able to take out 2 players with no consequence to himself, who would they be and why? Not surprisingly his answer was the threats that all of the viewers would agree with, Peter and Alec.

I would take out Peter and Alec. Peter and Alec were on my radar just because I think that this is a game of strategy and if you put them up next to Tom and Emmett, Peter and Alec are definitely smarter and I can see them going further in the game. And I think with Topaz on Alec’s arm and Peter getting closer to Liza that they are definitely two of the best players in the house right now.

I have no doubt that Aneal will be watching the rest of the season, shaking his head at the other players mistakes and occasionally cursing his bad Big Brother luck.


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