Friday, March 8, 2013

Interview: Big Brother Canada evicted houseguest Danielle Alexander

Alberta girl Danielle Alexander was the second houseguest to get the boot from the Big Brother Canada house last night on eviction day. In a vote of 8-3 the majority of the house chose to keep Aneal in the house and send Danielle packing.

Originally offering herself up as a pawn, she was completely blindsided by the fact that the house had flipped on her and she was walking out the door. She didn't say anything at first and turned and walked towards the stairs. Talla, Suzette and Gary gave her hugs goodbye and she said, "F-ck all of you." as she headed out the door. Another one bites the dust.

This morning, after she had an evening to process her demise, I was able to chat with her and ask her some questions about her time in the house. One of my biggest quandaries with Danielle, believe it or not, was where she lived.

When they first announced the houseguests I was thrilled that there was someone in the house reppin' for Calgary. But when she was in the house all Danielle ever talked about was Fort McMurray, her hometown. It actually got to the point that I wondered if she lived in Calgary at all and if that was one giant typo.

I asked Danielle what her living situation actually was and the answer made me realize why I was so confused:

"I was born and raised in Fort McMurray and I'm not really sure where I am going to be going now. My family is all in Fort McMurray, but my mom lives in Edmonton and I am kind of all over Alberta.

I went to Calgary for a year for University, went back home to Fort McMurray and then went back to Calgary for another semester of University right before I came on the show. 

So, I was just there, but my stuff is not currently there and I am not really sure where my life is gonna take me next. I'm kind of all over the place."

She's homeless people. Someone give her a place to live.

Next I asked about game. If there was an alliance that would completely surprise her, who would those two people be.

"Gary with anybody...anybody else except me. We were really just honest and loyal to each other. We felt the same way about basically everybody in the house. So if I found out that he was, you know, secretly in an alliance with somebody else I would be shocked."

Poor Gary...I would be surprised if down the road Gary is able to keep a legit alliance with anyone either. There are too many people in the house against him at this point. He tells it like it is far too often.

Speaking of saying it like it is...Danielle and Gary had a conversation the morning of the eviction and she said that if for some reason she was evicted from the house she would have a scathing speech for the other houseguests. As I previously stated, that didn't happen and she left with just an eff you on her way out the door.

I asked Danielle, now that she had had a night to think about it, what would she have said to the houseguests when leaving - she now had a chance to say it.

"You know I would probably just tell everybody's secrets and just say now you can play the game and I can leave and I don't have to see all the fights that happen. 

People go behind people's backs in the house and, you know, there is nobody that I specifically hate in the house. It is a competition and everybody is in it for themselves and I have no hard feelings. I know they were just playing it as they wanted to, it's just unfortunate that I was in the situation. 

I kind of left on an angry note because I did feel so betrayed, but I am glad didn't do the big dramatic scene that I had planned because, you know, let them play their game."

I expected so much more from the little fire cracker! But I understand, she didn't want to seem like a poor sport, as it is a game.

That's all from Danielle. 13 houseguests remain in the house - check back next week after I chat with evictee #3. Please GOD don't let it be Gary.


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