Friday, March 1, 2013

INTERVIEW: Big Brother Canada Eliminated Houseguest Kat Yee

Big Brother Canada's first ever evicted house guest was Kat Yee, the bartender from Toronto. When Kat was first introduced Canada saw her lifting an insane amount of drinks at one time in a bar.

Someone had to be the first one evicted from the house and due to a weird set of nominations and a HOH who possibly didn't really understand how one should be playing the game - Kat was evicted 11 to 1.

I was able to ask Kat a couple of questions about her time in the house, she was pretty chipper and accommodating considering the dream of winning was now dead. Maybe she will get mad on Monday.

For those of you who watch the Live Feeds (which are available to watch for free at you will know that Kat knew pretty early on that she was going to be the one that was sent home. Because of this she started to offload some of her funner possessions to the other houseguests.

I asked Kat for a detailed list of the things that she did end up leaving in the house:

Slippers: "I had this awesome pair of slippers. You’ll probably see Liza wearing them because I left them for her. They have sparkles and lights on them."

Mickey Mouse Hand: "With Tom I left my comfort item. This hand that I used for naps and to mess with people. You know you try to pick someone’s nose with it or or high five them with it or do funny stuff. I left that with Tom and told him he better use the hand properly."

Duct Tape: I had a bunch of roles of duct tap to cover logos or anything like that. I loved the wild colours and designs and stuff that I had for it and everybody just kind of laughed because I had pieces of duct tape all over me. We actually used the duct tape to make a lot of improve sports.

While watching the show now you will see that Alec and Peter have started to construct game boards out of the duct tape. Fun times to be had for all remaining.

Watching the show as a viewer you sometimes can't really see what is really apparent to everyone else in the house.

Kat had only spent 8 days in the house with the other contestants, but she was clearly a gamer. As a person who knew the game I was curious to know her take on who would shock her if they made it to the final 3.

"That is a really tough question cause you know, you have your perception on people and what their motivations are and what they may be lacking and what they could do better.

I think I would be really shocked if Jillian or Topaz made it. Those two girls are fabulous and I think that if they played their own independent games then they could go far, but the fact is that they are sort of getting tangled up in showmances. I think that that is going to mess up their game. And to be perfectly frank, I don’t think the guys are going to keep them around because those boys have a very very strong relationship with one another. My perception was that the girls could be very expendable to them. So, I would be shocked if those two made it to the end. Unless really they were using the showmance to their advantage and were really cut throat and didn’t care. If that’s the case, good for them they did what they had to do.

I think the third person that would shock is if Danielle made it. Either Danielle or AJ. I think both of those would be pretty big shocks because it’s not that they weren’t part of the house, but they didn’t really participate with the house. Or in AJ’s case, he participated a little too much.

Any of those four I think I would be very shocked."

So that's it from evictee number one. Check back next Friday after I talk with person number two...whoever it ends up being.


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