Friday, March 22, 2013

Interview: Big Brother Canada Double Eviction Elimination Part 2: Liza Stinton

The second half of the nomance-showmance walked out of the Big Brother Canada house shortly after the first took his shocked exit. Liza Stinton and Tom Plant were the two victims of Big Brother Canada's first double eviction. Liza sat on the block twice in the same night and didn't make it out alive (figuratively speaking).

Liza was a strong social player. She was very good with words and working people, but often came off as a bit cocky and arrogant which may have contributed to her eventual demise in the house. Also contributing, was her relationship with Tom - the one in the house who was not a great social player and was lead by emotion and protein powder. They could have been a great pair had Liza been able to reign him in more from the beginning.

The day after their eviction, Tom and Liza did a media blitz where the world could milk them for every last piece of detailed information they were willing to give about their time in the house before they faded off into obscurity.

The great thing about interviewing someone who is open and intelligent is they often give the most insightful, honest and articulate answers. Liza did not let me down.

While most people wanted to know about her 'showmance' with Tom, I wanted to find out the real story about Peter. You know, Canada's favorite player, the male version of myself and the guy that I was sure was getting played by the black widow.

Your two strongest alliances were with Peter and Tom. There were points when your alliance with Peter looked more like a secret showmance. Is this a correct observation and what were your feelings for Peter?

I adore Peter as a person and I respect him as a player. Him and I have a really intense intellectual connection, like the conversations we had about game or real life were really intellectually stimulating and it bonded us. So my relationship with him was completely real, but the only bed I was in every night was Tom’s because Tom captured me on an emotional level. So, you know, you have nice intellectual chats with your friends, but you go to bed with the person you really care about.

Peter landed in the friend zone. Burn.

Still sticking to my plan of not talking about Liza and Tom (seriously, I am sure you will find enough information about them from any other interview you read, see or hear) I decided to ask about one of her rivalries in the house. The one that involved Topaz yelling in her face that she was a whore.

There seemed to be a lot of hate between Topaz and yourself. On many occasions both of you said very unpleasant things about each other. Where did these feelings and mutual hate stem from?

Very early in the game, like week one, Topaz approached me and essentially said that she was grateful that I was sexually extroverted because she is used to being the big flirt. I think me being myself really took a lot of the heat off her. But um…you know…this is a hard question to answer nicely.

She just…uh, I can’t think of anything nice to say! What was the question? Where did the hate come from? I don’t know. Why are we talking about Topaz? Topaz woke up for two seconds and all that came out of her mouth were lies. I was just talking smack about her, she didn’t like it, threw it back. And I think her calling me a whore is the teapot calling the kettle black. 


I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I have gotten someone to call someone out like that...actually getting someone to say anything negative about anyone else in an interview that is monitored by a publicist is rare in itself, never mind the roundabout whore comment.

While I was never on Team Liza when she was in the house, she definitely earned some points with me today. Who knows, maybe the world isn't done with Liza. Maybe her groupie tell-all book will see the light of day and we will finally find out once and for all why she didn't hook up with Adam Levin (For reals girl, you crazy).


Check out my interview with Tom - the first out in the double eviction!

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