Friday, March 22, 2013

Interview: Big Brother Canada Double Eviction Elimination Part 1: Tom Plant

Double eviction night means the morning after interviews come in the form of a 2-for-1! After the houseguests fully turned on Liza and Tom's nomance-showmance and sent them packing I was able to ask them both a couple of questions.
Tom and Liza sit in the snow the day before the eviction.
Over the past couple of weeks Tom and Liza had quickly grown to become the most notorious people in the house and the targets of many Canadians insults... one must admit, they were easier to hate than love. From locker room pranks to long discussions about a Toronto groupie tell-all book, they kind of did it to themselves.

Liza was a schemer who seemed to be playing two guys at one time, one of them being everyone's favorite player, Peter. Tom was the guys-guy that didn't seem to understand that this was a game of lying and cheating and went off the handle every time he felt someone who should be loyal to him was betraying his trust.

Tom and Liza in the HOH room.
In the end it was almost the best case scenario for them to be freed from the house at the same need for a jury house to finally do the deed with no cameras, they can just hit up Liza's apartment.

First up to the interview chair was Tom. I had so many questions, but was restricted to two. My first was to inquire about his acumen of the other houseguests - was his talk of loyalty real and did he really have no idea that his final four alliance was out to get him week 3 of the competition?

By now you are aware that the other members of your Quattro alliance were behind your eviction. Did you have your suspicions that they were already planning on getting you out of the house before Gary put you on the block?

I honestly had no idea, I was totally blindsided. I thought that regardless of what happened in the house that Quattro would have my back. The move I was told was to get Liza out of the game and the only way they could ensure her leaving was to have me on the block. So it was a lose-lose situation for me. I had really no idea and Alec and Peter did a very good job of lying to my face about the whole situation. I had no idea.

Tom pondering in the middle of the night after Shower Gate.
As dumb as a philosophy as that is to have in the house, that your alliance is going to have your back no matter what, it is probably so ingrained in his character that he didn't know how to turn it off. Trust no one Tom. That is life's number one rule - I learned it when I was 6, never looked back. I'm a stickler for the rules.

As much as I wanted to ask Tom about Shower Gate, Liza and his overall trend of douchey behaviour I felt it necessary to find out how he thought Alberta was going to view him after the show. Of all the people in the house, Tom seemed to be the most outspoken provincial patriot.

Tom after winning the PoV during his HOH reign.
 You talked a lot about Alberta and being an Alberta Boy. Do you think the way you were potentially portrayed and the way you carried yourself in the house is reflective of your province and will other Albertans be happy with your representation?

Honestly I haven’t seen the show so I don’t know how I am portrayed right now. Albertans are a strong proud people. I am so proud to be an Albertan and I always will be, but I don’t know how I was portrayed on the show so I can’t really speak for Alberta.

The question was more on the side of what he thought his portrayal might have been, but I could see why he got confused...hazards of the job I guess. Sometimes a question is a bust. Unfortunately for Tom, I think the portrayal was very much how Suzette described him.


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