Friday, March 15, 2013

Emma Watson to star in Fifty Shades? Not so fast internet.

Emma Watson confirmed to star in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? There had been rumours previously about this being the case and Watson denied the claims. But the rumour just won't die!

The hacker group Anonymous released information that they stole from German film production and distribution company Constantin Film. In the documents it says that Emma Watson is to star in the film.

The Fifty Shades films are actually going to be produced by Focus Features and they are claiming that casting has not begun for the film and that Constantin Film is not involved with the making of the movie.

The speculation surrounding the casting of this movie has been running rampant since the horrid books became best sellers last year. Who would play the idiot girl and who would play the mentally unsound and abusive boyfriend - PLEASE TELL US.

The fact that Constantin Film is not connected to the movie should tell everyone that the information stolen from them means nothing. I think Anonymous should stick to their normal 'hacktivist' activities. Expose some government garbage and leave the entertainment news to Entertainment Weekly. There is nothing like losing all your cred because of an incorrect casting leak.


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