Friday, March 8, 2013

Elisabeth Hasselbeck getting booted from The View?

Big changes are brewing at The View according to US Weekly.

It was confirmed yesterday that Joy Behar will be leaving the show after almost 17 years on the panel and this morning the news came out (not confirmed) that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving as well. Unlike Behar however, the news around Hasselbeck is that she is being let go due to the fact that her conservative views don't mesh well with the audience.

Interesting. Not that I agree with a lot of the things that old Hassel has to say, but isn't that the point of 'The View' - to have different views of the issues that they talk about? I for one think that the fact that she has hung in their for so long as the voice of the 'right side' on a panel of clearly leftist people is a pretty big feat. Maybe they are going to try to bring in a conservative that isn't as confrontational. She does stress me out sometimes.

Again, this is not confirmed and the show has stated when asked about this that Hasselbeck has a long term contract with the show - so this is currently just a rumour.



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  2. It;s quite difficult to predict" It is rumor". I don't believe, Joy Behar will going to leaving the show. Well, something could be happen and someday we will be concerned about he true news.Visit This


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