Thursday, March 7, 2013

Casting for The Real Hipsters of Vancouver has begun

A casting call has gone out for The Real Hipsters of Vancouver. The company Guilty Pleasure is looking for a cast of Hipsters under 40 who are hipsters (obviously) who are trying to make it in Vancouver.

In an interview with the Vancouver Sun one of the people behind the idea, Britt Irvin, said, "We’re not only looking for people who would look interesting on the show, but people who have a dream they’re following. They’re stylists and artists. They’re pursuing something."

This is coming into fruition in a great time. The show kind of sounds like Girls, but with real people and not in Brooklyn.

After the success of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, I could see this show getting picked up. Currently they are looking for a production company to work with and will cast the show once they find one.

They have already received hundreds of audition tapes. On their website the following is listed as their casting call.

​ We are currently casting for a new reality test pilot "Real Hipsters of Vancouver". Looking for hip, fun, attractive people under 40. Please send an audition tape under 5 min. Include your age, show us your personality. What makes you tick? What ticks you off? Where do you hang? Who do you hang with? etc. Tapes must be in by Monday March 18th 2013. Castings will take place at the end of March so don't forget to give us your phone number!! Shooting will take place over the summer months. This is a paid job.

audition tapes, links to tapes (youtube, vimeo) and all press inquiries should be sent to ​

Are you going to apply for the Real Hipsters of Vancouver? I wonder if the REAL hipsters will be into auditioning.


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