Saturday, March 9, 2013

Can You Dance? Robyn Dell'Unto needs your help!

Have you ever watched the music videos with a bunch of fans singing the song or holding up signs or....pretty much anything. Wonder how they get in the videos? Usually it's just a Facebook post or a Tweet sent out by the band requesting their fans to submit user videos.

This just happens to be the case for the new video that Toronto singer Robyn Dell'Unto is making. She is giving fans a FREE download of her song I Can Dance, asking them to stretch and then make a video of them dancing to her song. Easy. (Note: Clothes are not optional - you must have them on).

This is a great song - so excited that she is using it. You can get the download by clicking on the button and submitting your email in the above box. You will then get an email with a link to download the song. Once you make your video send it to

There wasn't a set time limit on this, but I would suspect that the sooner, the better.


 Not familiar with Robyn?

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  1. Cool, I wonder what kind of dancing she will pick!?


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