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Big Brother Canada Houseguests first impressions, strengths and weaknesses

Big Brother Canada has been taking over my life. I have spent countless hours watching the episodes on TV as well as the free live feeds that stream all day long on the Slice website. I think the producers did a fantastic job with the cast.

There are a few key players that make the show entertaining and if they leave - there goes all the good stuff (AKA Drama). Gary is by far the most fascinating person to watch because he is animated 95% of the time. Alec and Peter are the best to watch when they are plotting because they are very methodical and game savvy. Liza is entertaining in a 'I can't believe this girl is OK with the world hearing her say this' kind of way. And Tom...well, Tom just brings out the hate in me - and sometimes that is just healthy.

Here are my first week observations of the houseguests' strengths, weaknesses and place in the game. I have also listed their alliances as they have been spoken of.

Liza Stinton
I'm pretty sure my Grandma's first impression of Liza would have been "My that girl is speaking as if she were a harlot." And would be right. Well, I mean...she doesn't have sex for money, she just really likes it - a lot.

Not a day goes by on the BB live feeds that you won't hear Liza talking about something sex related. Whether it be her need to get laid, how orgasms make her feel powerful or how excited she is that she has a new vibrating toothbrush. She talks about being in the jury house and how her and Tom, presumably if they both make it, are gonna go for it once there are not cameras around. I am of the opinion that if Tom wasn't against the camera's taping them - Liza would be totally for making a sex fort in the backyard.

During the first episode I hated her...then after watching the feeds for a bit I thought she wasn't too bad. I am no where close to liking Liza, BUT I think she is a smart player and if she doesn't make alliances with EVERYONE in the house she is going to get far in this game.

Strength: Liza has a good social game so far and has gone under the radar as far as being a strong player - but she is really working a lot of strings in the background.
Weakness: Liza is making pacts/alliances with too many people.

Alliances: The Final 9, Girls Alliance, Liza & Peter, Liza & Aneal

Gary Levy
Oh Gary. After the first episode of the show I was thinking that Gary was a total attention whore and I hated him, but then after watching the live feeds for a couple of days I decided I loved him and I want him to come and live in my closet and jump out every morning and throw glitter on me to start my day off right. Glitter Gary we call him.

Gary is entertaining. The Gary you see on the aired shows is not the Gary we see daily on the live feeds. I feel like they only show Gary when he is being a complete diva and pissing people off, but the down time Gary is funny, honest and cares about the girls in the house.

Strength: He is a strong competitor which means if he is put up on the block he can fight his way off and he also has a good chance of winning HoH.
Weakness: Loose lips sink ships and Gary throws out fighting words a lot of the time.

Alliances: The Secret Wedding Alliance

AJ Burman
I originally pegged AJ as a chachy douche, but it turns out he is a socially inept mamma's boy who can't cook or read social cues. AJ is the one that is always talking...which can't be good for his game. Besides the fact that this is annoying, it would be really hard to listen to people and figure out their strategy when he is always blathering on.

Strength: He is so irritating and useless he is not on anyone's radar right now. He's expendable, but he'll get to probably the fourth or fifth week.
Weakness: I think I was pretty clear on this - his mouth.

Alliance: None.

Talla Rejaei
Talla is very spunky...and very open about things that normal ladies keep under wraps, like farting and other bodily functions. There is only so much one can take. I am giving her a break right now because she has been on slop for the past week, but if these irritating convos keep up I will have to start hating her.

Talla also acts really stupid or pretends to be smart. Half of the time she is asking really dumb questions that make you roll your eyes back into your head and the other half of the time she is speaking in an authoritative tone when it is clear she has no clue what she is talking about. It is pretty clear at this point that everyone is patting her head and pretending like they care about her opinion, but she better watch her back on a week when they need some random person to pick off.

Strength: She came in second in the first HOH competition, proving that she has the endurance to compete.
Weakness: She has really strong definite opinions about things and gets in arguments with the other houseguests. Right now it is fine because she brings up stupid things, but after they have been in the house for while and the strong players get irritable - watch out.

Alliances: The Final 9, The Girls Alliance

Jillian MacLaughlin
Jillian was the second HOH...during her reign she spent 50% of her time snuggled up in her bed or another area of the house with Emmett and the other 50% of the time rolling over on people who she swore to keep safe.

Of everyone that she made promises to, the only person who didn't get screwed was Suzette. Emmett ran her HOH, proving that she can't make decisions for herself and eventually he is going to knock he right out of the game.

Strength: She is intelligent and athletic. These factors will definitely be in her favour during the challenges.
Weakness: The peen. Whoops, I meant Emmett. She keeps saying that she is not going to let the boys run the game and then ends up doing whatever Emmett tells her to do. I am sure Emmett could get her to go up as a pawn and send her home when the time is right.

Alliances: The Final 9, The Girls Alliance

Andrew Monaghan
The oldest person in the house and it seems like he is the most in tuned with what is going on with everyone in the house. For the first little bit of the game he was laying low and not saying much, but after he sat back and watched a bit he has figured out who is with who and who he would pick off if he won HOH.

Strength: Socially he is a very well liked player in the house. The stronger players like him and think that he will vote how they want and they will keep him around. The weaker players don't see him as being aligned with the stronger players thus they don't see him as a threat. He has picked a very good spot to be in.
Weakness: He became friends with the boys later on, which means they are already more loyal to each other than they would be to him.

Alliances: The Final 9

Suzette Amaya
Suzette definitely had a disadvantage coming into the house. She is the only married one, the only one with children, the only female over 30 and she has a different body type than the rest of the girls. She is at a very different place in her life than the rest of the houseguests so it is much harder for her to connect with anyone in the house. Even Andrew, who is two years older than her, can connect better with the guys because he at least has the same relationship status as everyone else.

Strength: She came very close to winning the first PoV competition and hasn't been in any other ones that we have seen. She is also like AJ, dispensable, but non-threatening so the stronger players will keep her around. Maybe long enough for her to win HoH again and make a big move.
Weakness: She is very chatty, but doesn't seem to have any real alliance with anyone, meaning she is dispensable to everyone. Whose name will the outcast players throw up to a strong HoH for eviction? Her's.

Alliances: None.

Emmett Blois
Emmett is the strong silent type. We got to see him on the block, where he didn't campaign to get off and we have also seen him as the puppet master during Jillian's stint in HoH. We know that what Emmett wants, Emmett gets - but I am not sure if the people in the house see it yet. He has the kind of persuasion that isn't outright.

Strength: He is a strong player and very likable by the houseguests. It helps that he is with one of the stronger girls and that the other meat head (Tom) is the one that runs his mouth all of the time and that the other houseguests hate.
Weakness: Jillian. He needs to start playing the game and getting tangled up in the sheets with Jillian 8 hours a day is just going to put a target on his back.

Alliances: The Final 9, The Ox & Ram (with Tom), Quatro

Peter Brown
Peter is one of my favorite players and has been since the beginning. I liked him at first because he seemed to have the same idea about people as I did...he hates them all. But it turns out he is either lying, or just really good at hiding it.

He gets along very well with all of the houseguests and knows how to get information out of everyone. Asks them a bunch of questions "What do you think about..." "Who would you...." and then says "That's exactly what I was thinking." or something to that effect. People have thrown his name around as a threat, but he has been able to keep himself very low key that they seem to forget he is there.

Strength: Peter knows all about the game and what makes people tick. He is manipulating every situation that he is in and it is awesome. He is also skilled physically, but has been hiding that from the rest of the houseguests.
Weakness: He seems to think that he is indestructible and may get too comfortable in the game and get blindsided.

Alliances: The Final 9, Quatro, The Shield, Liza & Peter

Topaz Brady
I liked Topaz right off the bat, but then I kind of turned on her. She seemed like she was a fun, no drama kind of girl...but this past week she has turned into a sleeping no-nothing kind of girl who wears the same baggy sweatshirt every single day. She doesn't have any ambition and I find that irritating.

She is also in a 'cuddlemance' with Alec and has openly told Gary that she isn't into it. Liza and Jillian have talked about the fact that she flirts with Tom and that it makes Alec uncomfortable.

Strength: She is friends with Gary so she is able to get info from him and also with Alec and gets info from him about the top alliance. She is coasting down the middle right now.
Weakness: She got into a cuddlemance and didn't own it. Now she is getting called a ho and making it easier for Alec to cut her loose when the time comes.

Alliances: The Final 9, The Secret Wedding Alliance

Tom Plant
Tom was on my favorite list after the first episode. Besides a DR confession that he was coming to the house for 'titties' he seemed pretty legit. After watching this guy on the live feeds I feel like a need a barf bag.

The only intelligent thing that he ever talks about is how to get bigger muscles and what types of routines one should do to build strength in different areas of the body. Meat head. He spends the rest of his time pretending like he is the king of the house, talking about stereotypical rig-pig Alberta garbage and hating on Gary.

At one point this last week, his rants got so profane that he was called into the DR and told that he needed to watch his language. Words like f*g and c*nt are in his vocabulary. I am SHOCKED that Big Brother wouldn't use more of his douche-like behaviour in the aired shows, but he is coming out looking like a f-cking Canadian hero and it makes me ill. ILL.

Strength: Someone who talks about muscles so much obviously has them. It is also a strength that everyone is scared of him.
Weakness: He gets in fights with people. He has already had confrontations with Gary and Talla - no one likes a confrontational person. Target target target.

Alliances: The Final 9, Ox & Ram (with Emmett), Quatro

Alec Beall
Alec tells everyone on the first day that he is getting his PhD in Social Psychology...that sounded like the biggest mistake ever. Why would you tell people that? Well, probably so you could talk about it all the time. Non-stop.

He is a smart player, but seems to be a little more taken with Topaz than she is with him...that is making him look like a fool to the rest of the houseguests. Who knows, this may work out in his favour as they will forget how smart he actually is.

Strengths: He is intelligent and thus is able to look at the social situation in the house and play people.
Weakness: Again...the girls will be the end of the guys on this show.

Alliances: The Final 9, Quatro, The Shield

Aneal Ramkissoon
Aneal didn't really get a good start in the game. He aligned himself with Suzette right away when she was HOH after she pissed off everyone in the house. He is really good at figuring out people's plans in the game and that's why Emmett and crew wanted him gone.

Aneal tried to warn Jillian that the 4 power guys are each getting a girl under them so that they have the numbers and then all of a sudden Emmett is saying that Aneal is a worm and he needs to go. Huh? Jillian, get your head on straight.

I hope Aneal is able to pull out more time in the house because he can ruin people's games if he wants to.

Strength: Aneal's read on the social game is fantastic. He is also able to communicate his findings in a very persuasive way.
Weakness: Unfortunately for Aneal he doesn't have a strong alliance with anyone and trusts people who don't know how to keep their mouths shut (aka Jillian).

Alliances: Liza & Aneal

These are my observations after watching the houseguests in their second (first live feed) week in the house. I am sure faces will change and the once calm people will turn into snap shows - that's how it goes right.

I may do another one of these farther down the line.


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