Monday, February 4, 2013

The Bachelor will air Banff filmed episode tomorrow

Sean Lowe is not the most exciting Bachelor that the world has ever seen, in fact he is probably one of the most boring. And what does he like to do? Outdoor things, figures. I also find that boring - no I do not think chopping wood and riding horses is at all amusing.

If you haven't been following this season of the Bachelor I don't blame you. There is one crazy girl that I am sure the producers have requested stay on the show because without here I would be asleep within the first 20 minutes every Monday.

But if you feel the need to check out an episode the next one may be the one you want. There is a special second episode this week which airs tomorrow...why do you want to tune in? Well, because there is going to be some hypothermia drama when the girls and Sean travel to Banff and Lake Louise to do outdoorsy stuff in October. I can't wait for it to go down.


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