Monday, February 18, 2013

Taylor Swift being sued by Front Gate Tickets over cancelled Ottawa music festival refunds

Taylor Swift is reportedly being sued by the ticket agent for Capital Hoedown. Capital is an Ottawa based country music festival that began in 2010 and was supposed to have Swift as a headliner in 2012 until the festival got cancelled due to some disputes with the city.

The company paid Taylor $2.5 million upfront to be the headliner of the festival. Once the festival was cancelled she kept the money. I am assuming it is because she didn't back out, they cancelled the show.

Front Gate Tickets, the festival's ticket agent, had to refund $1.8 million in tickets and is suing Swift for reimbursement. They have said that if Taylor gives them the money she will still have made $700,000 for not even singing.

Why is the ticket company suing Taylor and not the Festival? Don't they have insurance for things like this?

Those are my first questions and second - a date in Taylor's calendar is a valuable piece of real estate. It is possible that Taylor may have had to forgo some other, possibly more lucrative, appearances to hold the date for this festival.

As the evidence lines up here people - Taylor doesn't owe these people anything. Especially if her contract didn't state that she would have to repay if the festival didn't go forward - which of course no one has seen because that is probably not the case.

Don't you give them a cent back Taylor, you hear me?

UPDATE: Since this story first broke there have been new developments. Initially it was reported that Front Gate Tickets was the ticket agent that was suing Taylor Swift  - now that more details have been released it looks like the company on the lawsuit is FIRE USA Inc - a company based out of Florida. At this point it would be speculating to say that Front Gate Tickets is a subsidiary of  FIRE USA Inc or that they are in any way connected.

More details to come.



  1. This is factually incorrect anyways, it's not Front Gate Tickets suing it IS the promoter.

  2. Get your facts straight.

    1. According to multiple reports - Swift is being sued by FIRE USA Inc, which is the company selling the tickets.

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