Monday, February 11, 2013

Rihanna's new video Stay (VIDEO)

EDIT: This is not the original video. The original was just her sitting in the bathtub. I much prefer this version.

Rihanna's newest music video is so captivating and action packed I think I may have a heart attack from the stimulation.

*Blank stare*

Seriously, what was the budget on this? A couple thousand to attach a good name to the film and 30 minutes out of her day for prep, taping and take down?

Everyone, please give a golf clap for this video of Rihanna sitting emo in the bath tub.


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  1. I think this song is about Rhianna and her father…but it sounds like fefe dobson might have written the song…the song sounds amateur—ish and lacking. Rhianna doesn’t do a bad job of singing it but the song is limb and not in an artistic way.


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