Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RECAP: Real Housewives of Vancouver: Amanda vs. Ronnie and Amanda vs. Ioulia

This week on the Real Housewives of Vancouver (season 2 episode 3)...

Robin did her best to get some attention with her 'Mary's music producer is the reason I failed my singing audition' story line, but tonight was all about Amanda. Well, more directly, Amanda's fights.

Amanda and Ioulia go head to head when Amanda invites her to be in a swimsuit fashion show with her. I think Amanda thought she was going to be the star and Ioulia was going to be her hype girl, but it was the other way around. Who knew that the blond Russian demanded such vast attention? While trying on the suits the crew who is helping with the selection are pawing all over Ioulia and Amanda is not impressed.

Amanda, Ronnie and Jody all go to Jody's house where Amanda tells them about the events from the swimsuit trial with Ioulia. Amanda says that Ioulia gets what she husband and Prada shoes (or something along those lines). This does not go over well with Ronnie and Ronnie calls her a little bitch - twice. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever been watching this show, and that's saying something.

Ioulia has Amanda over to get spray tans for the show. While waiting to start, Amanda confronts Ioulia about all the attention she was demanding while trying on the suits and Ioulia gets a little pissed. I get it...I mean, they were at her house and Amanda decides to pick a fight with her. Simmer down there chica.

Ioulia then decides not to do the spray tan because she is irritated. This is very weird...I mean, just get the tan, it really has nothing to do with Amanda. (Luckily she didn't really need one). Then Amanda gets hers and Ioulia tells her she looks orange. Can everyone just calm down? Lord.

Then it is the day of the fashion show. After hair and makeup Ioulia decides to wear the bathing suit that Amanda had picked out for herself. If this was the work of the producers, bravo. Sparks flew and the daggers coming out of Amanda's eyes couldn't be more apparent. Amanda tells her that that was supposed to be her suit and Ioulia is like, Oh I switched it. Lovely.

The get to the runway and all of a sudden Ioulia gets cold feet. She still does the show, but awkwardly and her former Russian confidence has dissipated. Amanda on the other hand struts with confidence and all of the ladies seem to agree that she stole the show.

After the show the six women go out for dinner. Amanda decides that now is the best time to bring up the fact that Ioulia took the suit she wanted to wear. I was on team Amanda until this point. It was unanimous that she beat her on the catwalk so why did she have to bring up this detail after? It doesn't make sense. Kind of like, 'I won the game, oh and remember that foul you made on me that didn't get called - I will never forget it." What does this even prove? Other than you are not a gracious winner. She then continues and says something about how Ioulia is relatively the same age as her step-sons.

It's the gold digger thing again...which we all know at this point Ronnie does not like Amanda pointing out. Ronnie calls her out on it and says she is not being nice. At this point Amanda probably should have stepped back and said, s'all good, but the girl has balls of titanium and decides to go head to head with Ronnie.

Amanda points out that Ronnie called her a little bitch the other day so she was just continuing with the title, which didn't sit well with Ronnie. OBVIOUSLY, since they are sitting in a nice restaurant, this is hardly the time to be hashing this out.

Also, when Ronnie called her a bitch, which was uncalled for at the time, she did so after Amanda said something rude about Ioulia. Ioulia is now sitting next to Ronnie. I am surprised Ronnie didn't say that she said that because of the trash she was talking about Ioulia. Now that really would have turned into something ugly.

Ronnie is looking at Amanda like she is going to eat her with her giant lip injections and the rest of the table is sitting back waiting to see what is going to go down. I am blinded by the eye whites of everyone sitting there with their eye balls popping out of their faces.

After Ronnie rips into her, Amanda goes outside and cries on the phone to her boyfriend. Girl, here is a piece of advice for you, stop picking fights with everyone right away. There is no need to confront everyone every time something is pissing you off. That does make you seem like a bitch.

Ronnie asks Jody what she thinks of Amanda while she is gone and Jody says she likes her and likes that she tells it as it is. Of course she would - it's Jody, Queen Bee of brutal honesty. I am not sure why Ronnie even asked her this because they had the same conversation in the limo on the way to the event.

Once Amanda returns Ronnie leaves. Mary and Robin follow and Ioulia oddly enough stays because she wants to eat the food. It looks like the line has been drawn in the sand. It also looks like the friendship/peace that was made between Ronnie and Jody during Remy's accident is now null and void.

Mary looks pleased as punch that this evening's shenanigans were mostly about Amanda and Ronnie instead of her and Jody, although Jody did say something about her being crazy. She was able to come out of tonight looking like Saint Mary...except for when she takes the singing job even when Robin did get her part of the audition (I would be mad at her if she was my fake-TV-friend).

Robin looks like she landed on an alien planet not knowing how to process any of this...which is how she looks most of the time when having any kind of serious conversation with one of the Canadian women.

Ioulia...well, I just don't think Ioulia handles the drama like everyone else. I think she is over it before it even starts. This may have something to do with the fact that she is on Team Ioulia and doesn't care about the other ladies, and with that she can just go on her merry way after everything goes down. Smart.

I will say, last week I was completely over Ronnie. I thought she was going to be a giant bore now that she wasn't drinking...but as it turns out, the lack of booze has made her way more irritable, but now she can't fall back on booze being the cause of her constant confrontations. So I retract what I said last week - Ronnie can stay on the show. I like vicious sober Ronnie.

Until next week ladies...


Side Note: We still don't have a Kevin replacement. Completely unacceptable.


  1. I think Robyn causes a lot of the drama in the show coming up. The commercials make it seem that way.

  2. You like Amanda? She is worse than Jody and Mia put together!

    1. OMG THANK YOU!! Amanda is the worst. I don't even know why she is on the show she is the most annoying person to ever be on TV. I can't stand Jody and Mia, but I would watch a whole marathon of shows all about them before I would ever enjoy watching 5 seconds of Amanda's ridiculous personality and embarrassing facial expressions.

  3. You liked Amanda up to the restaurant scene ????

    You are cray cray like her.

  4. I like amanda, she's not letting the bullys walk over her. Good job girl!

  5. Ugh Amanda lol she's awful. I hope she isn't in next season. She ruins the whole show for me! Worst.Housewife.Ever.


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