Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RECAP: The Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2 Episode 1 - The BBQ

The Real Housewives of Vancouver are back and the bad blood is still in the water. Thank Christ - I don't think I could watch this show if Mary and Jody didn't want to murder each other every five seconds.

The three new housewives are introduced. Ioulia is a Russian woman who is married to a Canadian man - she 'meets' Mary to sell her some art and then Mary invites her to Ronnie's BBQ to celebrate Ronnie's daughter Remmie, who had almost died a couple of months previous. That is TOTALLY something I would invite my art dealer to. *blank face* (Obviously this was a production thing, but you would think that the producers would have come up with a better intro for her, fail).

Ronnie takes Remmie, her miracle child, to ride horses and meets Robin, the Texan. Remmie really takes to Robin, according to Ronnie, and is invited to attend the BBQ as well. This story gives a way more acceptable reason for a stranger to be invited to a special party like this one.

Mia asks Jody to meet her new 'friend' Amanda who is wanting to start a business. They meet and it comes out that Amanda is a former alcoholic and is sober and Jody goes into a thing about not drinking around Ronnie because Ronnie has a drinking problem (which Ronnie addresses earlier in the episode and says she doesn't drink anymore because of what happened with Remmie - I wonder if this will effect her wine company?). After this revalation Jody invites Amanda to Ronnie's party as well. Slightly a better reason than Mary's, but not by much.

All of the ladies, plus the people who the party is for - the doctors, paramedics etc who actually saved the kid's life - meet at Ronnie's house and sides already seem to be picked. Mary tells Ioulia on the way there to stay away from Jody. Jody tells Amanda that Mary is the devil (I don't think those were her exact words, but something along those lines). Once at the party you can tell that Robin rubs people the wrong way and Amanda is not impressed with Mary, Ioulia and Robin questioning her.

They have a time with some speeches and stuff from people for Remmie, which was cute and then Mary decides to sing the song that she had recently produced. People were crying, and I was uncomfortable. Is this really the right moment to be singing your new single? Bad taste in my mouth for reals.

We also got a little look at what the season is going to be like and it looks like fireworks will happen, as usual, between Jody and Mary and Robin gets in a big throw down with the ladies...and then there is something with a naked man which I am tres curious about.

I haven't quite decided about the new ladies yet. I feel like, out of all of them thus far, Amanda is my favourite, but it really is too soon to tell. All I know is it doesn't look like any of them have a GBF and I am quite traumatized about it. BRING BACK KEVIN!


Side note: Mia got a nose job. I am not one to endorse body altering, but it looks 1000X better.

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  1. Mary didn't sing that song just out of the blue. Remmie wanted her to sing a song for her and the song was perfect for the situation. Even Jody clapped and smiled when she finished.


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