Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RECAP: The Real Housewives of Vancouver, The One with Amanda's Birthday

This week on the Real Housewives of Vancouver...

It is Amanda's birthday. I am not sure if anyone else was anticipating a recap of the young one's birthday from last year, but I was. As you may recall, Christina turned 30 and they had a gathering at someone's apartment which concluded with Christina dancing around in her unders. It was awesome, but the old ladies did not approve.

This year Amanda was turning 34 and this episode was all about her birthday. First she went and got a 'vampire facelift' where they took blood from one part of her body and injecting it into her face. Supposedly this is very the world of people grasping at anything to look younger.

Girl, you're 34 and your face looked fine before. Be careful with that stuff or you'll end up looking like Ronnie and Mary. Ugh.

Jody and Robin accompany her on her blood venture and before they go in for the procedure they talk about the previous event that they all attended where Ronnie and Amanda exchanged words. Robin then takes that information to her next RHOV appointment, lunch with Mary and Ronnie.

At lunch Robin tells Ronnie that Jody and Amanda were talking about how aggressive she was at dinner and then of course Ronnie gets mad that they were talking about her at all. It is becoming more and more clear to me that Robin is playing all sides and stirring up trouble wherever she goes. If I were one of the ladies, I would watch my mouth when I was around her. She is loyal to no one.

Mary goes for coffee with Amanda next to apologize for leaving her dinner when Ronnie made her exit after the fight. You can tell Amanda is not really into being friends with Mary. Mary then gives her a birthday gift and Amanda feels obligated to invite her to her birthday. Awkward.

Robin finds out that she may still have a chance to sing her national anthem at the horse show. She goes with Mary to the grounds to find out that the organizers would like for her to sing a duet of the anthem with a 16 year old boy. It was more awful than her solo audition. They like it - for some out of this universe reason.

The emotional moment of the episode was supposed to be Jody sending her son off to University. She cries and he says that she is his hero. It was lame.

Amanda and Ronnie go for dinner to talk about what happened after the fashion show. It looks like things are not going well. They are still mad at each other from previous meeting and Ronnie is annoyed that Amanda thinks she always has to call people out on their stuff. It is just beginning to get heated when Amanda bring up her alcoholism and then Ronnie starts talking about going to some sort of rehab herself and something about a rock with a snake on it. I wasn't really following. Amanda says she is getting a shivers because she wants to get a snake tattoo. Is this all it takes to get Amanda to like you? Noted.

Then they go to a private dinner for Amanda's birthday. Jody, Mia, Mary, Robin and Ioulia arrive before anyone else. Jody decides to talk to Robin about Mary and pulls up some random story on the internet about Mary when she was Miss Ohio and then says something about Mary hooking up with a 21 year old Canuck. Mary is standing there and get mad. Obviously.

They are still waiting for Ronnie and Amanda to arrive and Mary makes a comment about Mia's nose job and then Mia says something along the line of "your's too".

Amanda arrives in a cute little punk puffy dress with her friends and boyfriend Kyle (who still doesn't know that wearing your sunglasses on your head 24/7 is NOT legit).  Mary has had enough of the drama and is on her way out the door when Ronnie arrives.

Mary tells Ronnie what Jody said about her and Ronnie is now annoyed before she even goes into the party. Good one Mary.

They all sit down and Amanda opens her presents.  Mary got her another gift (even though she already gave her one when they went for coffee). It's a bracelet. Ioulia gets her an Alexander McQueen scarf - cha ching. Ronnie got her a card that says "my best friends are bitches".  Jody gets her a tiara...the princess has now been crowned.

The situation from the fashion show comes up and Ronnie says she doesn't want to talk about it. Jody interjects and says she would like to have the conversation. Dun dun dun.

Amanda's birthday will be continued next week!


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