Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RECAP: Big Brother Canada Episode One: Houseguests Enter the House

Big Brother Canada premiered tonight with the 15 houseguests moving into and taking over the brand new BB house. My brain is in hyper drive right now trying to decide which of my observations from the evening I should be sharing with you.

Let's start with the house. PIMP. It was actually one of the nicest we have ever seen. I am still confused about the outdoor part of the looked like it was still inside. The giant staircase going down into the house may have been a mistake as a couple of the girls had major problems walking down them in their skank shoes, but it could have been worse.

Most of the show was dedicated to introducing the houseguests and having them go into the house. After introducing themselves to each other the 'Big Brother Phone' rang and Suzette was the lucky one to answer it first. Big Brother directed her to go to the Diary Room and tell no one about her directions. Once in the DR, Suzette was told she was the first Head of House and that her task was to nominate two people for eviction.

The houseguests gather in the living room where it is revealed that Suzette is the HOH and has to nominate two people for eviction based on first impressions. Unfortunately for us she nominates the two hot guys Emmett (the farmer) and Tom (the firefighter) - are you freaking kidding me?! Rude. A bond immediately forms between the two dudes - I see a bromance starting.

The first veto competition is played by Suzette, Emmett, Tom, Peter, Gary and Aneal. They are dressed in unitards with belts that have pointy studs. They have to pop balloons with the studs and get all the pieces of their puzzle together to win. Suzette looks like she is going to pull it out, but then Tom takes home the POV.  

It's hard to say who I am going to route for based on the very quick look at the players, but I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't give you my first impression loves and hates:

LOVE (this should actually read - LIKE, I love no one in the house thus far)

Peter: I thought I would hate hate hate Peter, but based on the fact that the way he describes himself is basically me (a person who hates people who can't walk, chew loudly...people in general and is really good at being fake nice) he made the list. I think I have found my personality doppelganger in a skinny male nerds body. Fascinating.

Topaz: Besides the fact that her actual name is Emerald and she calls herself Topaz, I think I will like this girl. But just because of her stupid excuse for a name change I will be now forced to call her Cubic Zirconia (or CZ for short).

Tom: Fireman Tom won the first POV, but he made this list for looking cute while wearing a toque in the DR.  (He almost didn't make this list because of his "I am going to the house for titties" comment in a pre-house interview.)

Liza: This is my front running pick as the woman who will start a showmance to get ahead in the game and the one who will be making a sex fort in backyard number one. Oh, and I just don't like her.

AJ: The man lives in his parents basement and doesn't seem to know he is a total chachi douche.

Gary: I am SO surprised that I have Gary on this list. I thought he was going to be my favorite, but it turns out there is such a thing as coming on too strong...I think it was the platform shoes and the throwing of the glitter when he was first announced that had me questioning him and then it was an attention seeking disaster from there on.

The rest of the houseguests didn't sway me either way in the first episode. Danielle is the sole contestant from Calgary and I am not sure that I love the way she is reppin for the city. DID YOU SEE HOW NICE I WAS THERE!? I f-cking hate how she is reppin' for C-Town. Put your tits away and act like you at least have a functioning brain. Gawd.

Tomorrow night we will see who the replacement nominee will be and the first ever live eviction!


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