Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Web Series: My Dad is in a Boy Band

I am not really a huge fan of web series, but occasionally one is funny enough for me to watch more than one episode.  May I present to you My Dad is in a Boy Band brought to you by The Warner Sound.

This shouldn't be surprising to anyone that the one that I would choose to show you is about a boy band. It is about a man in his 40s that decides to start a boy band with his friends and weird young neighbour. It is filmed mockumentary style, like Modern Family and The Office. I like the play on 'boy band' and how no boy band, besides maybe One Direction, is actually made of up boys anymore.

I have watched all of the current episodes and have come to the following conclusion. 1. My favorite character is the son Adam. (that poor, poor boy) 2. My least favorite character is Trevor, the young member of the boy band. (take it down a notch with the puking Trevor, lord). 3. Their boy band attire is essentially stuff that NSYNC and Backstreet Boys wore in the 90s. Blue cameo pants anyone?

The above video is not an episode, but a music video of the band, Pushing 40. It's no Backstreet's Back, but I get it. That shit is funny.


Click here for a link to episode 1.

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