Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Movie Review: Identity Thief

I was a little pensive at the start of Identity Thief. As you may be aware, movies where the plot is a snowball effect of bad things happening to one person are not my cup of tea/coffee/kool-aid - whatever you want to call it. They usually take you down a rabbit hole of hell and then at the very end there is some sort of redemption right before the sane person dies or kills them-self. I hate that.

But I didn't hate Identity Thief.
The premise of this snowball of pain is Dianna (Melissa McCarthy) steals people's identities, spends all their money gets them in all sorts of fraudulent trouble and then moves onto the next person. Dianna decides to steal Sandy Patterson's (Jason Bateman) identity and basically ruins his life. Jason is told by the police in Denver that the only way he can clear his name is if he brings the person who stole his identity to them because she is currently living it up in Florida and they don't have jurisdiction.

That is the first 10 minutes of the movie. This is then followed by 10 mins of chase and 80 mins of capture/travel and 10 minutes of wrap up at the end. How did I make it through? I'm not sure.

While adding all the plot twists and hurdles in my head I should have technically dumped my iced tea over my head and walked out of the theatre 24 minutes into the flick, but I was hooked. Why? Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa McCarthy is one funny woman. I would almost go as far as to say she is the funniest broad currently gracing the silver screen. She is so committed to her shtick, I just can't even handle it. I was in hysterics for about 15% of the movie and laughing 'ha ha' for another 50%. The other 35% I spent thinking, "I don't I hate her?"

I also should point out that Jason Bateman plays the suburban dad better than anyone else out there. Kind of like his character in The Change Up, but a little more in control. He is as cute as a button playing the straight edge budget tracking father with a life plan. Melissa McCarthy definitely stole the show, but with every lunatic you need sanity and Jason Bateman is as sane as they come.

I must also mention T.I.'s performance as one of the thugs who was after McCarthy's character. He was a bad ass (obviously) and he also had some pretty good comedic timing (who knew?!).

I would say if you are not in the mood to laugh then you should steer clear of this one, but if you want to give those stomach muscles a work out - have at 'er.

Verdict: 3.8 Stars


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