Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mark Wahlberg gets his buzz on during The Graham Norton Show

Mark Wahlberg was on The Graham Norton show in the UK and completely hijacked a group interview with Michael Fassbender and Sarah Silverman. It was hilarious. They say he was drunk, and I would have to agree.

I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with his actions. He was being funny...OK, yes he was interrupting people all the time, but it was entertaining as hell. If Michael Fassbender had to carry that interview it would be the most boring segment in the history of the world.

Can we please get a show this hilarious in Canada? And not on MTV or some other show where you would expect people to get trashed and then go on in the interview. Strombo is so serious. We need someone to really let the interviewees go free like Graham did here. It was a beautiful thing.

Because I couldn't pick a single ridiculous moment I am posting the entire show. Enjoy.

(7:46...WHY CAN'T THIS BE ME?!)


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  1. Everyone in my office (clearly representative of the UK's opinion lol) thought he was being rude and off-putting and he's definitely dropped down on their scales, currently to sit at a place of dislike. Not sure how the rest of the country feels, but that's just with 10 women in the 20-30 demographic.


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