Sunday, February 10, 2013

Justin Bieber tries to go head to head with the Grammys after nomination shut out

Oh Bieber.

What do you do when you are pissed at the Grammys? Well obviously you don't attend and tell your fans that you will be doing a Live Stream video session at the exact time that the Grammys are airing.

Justin Bieber didn't receive any Grammy nominations this year. Team Bieber was NOT pleased and his manager Scooter Braun took to Twitter after the nomination show to voice his displeasure of the situation. It was something like, "the kid deserved it, haters."

I think they need to stop coddling that child, it is not helping him deal with the realities of this business. One of them being, you usually don't get nominated for a Grammy unless your stuff is good. And when I say 'stuff' I mean your music, not your hair, scrawny white body or your 'swag'.

I'm not a Bieber hater. He seems like a good kid under all the attitude he currently has piled on after his first real/fake relationship ended, but he needs a swift kick in the arse or whatever would be looked at as a reality check for kids these days.

The last time the Biebs made an album that was eligible for a Grammy nomination he was definitely under the impression that he was going to go home with some gold. His devastated little face definitely looked like one of a kid who hadn't been warned that he might lose.

This year, instead of taking the no nominations in stride, he decided to have a live stream session with his fans at the same time that the Grammys were airing. I would go off about his handlers not doing there job, but in the video he ended up posting online, Biebs says that he is on vacation. So this may have been a solo hissy fit.

Unfortunately for all of his fans, he was in an area where there was a 'not great' internet connection so he couldn't do the stream. So Biebs was pissed at The Grammys AND at Live Stream. You're on his shit list guys. Beware.

He settled with posting a video of new music for his fans. In this video he is sitting in a hotel room with no shirt on and a backwards hat. Very 'swaggy'. Did I mention this kid needs a kick in the pants?

It is understandable that he has a chip on his shoulder because so many people hate him and he works hard blah blah blah, but THAT IS THE BUSINESS. You could be the best singer/musician in the world and people will still hate you and talk smack. That is just how the world works Biebs.

I can guarantee you other artists have been snubbed by the Grammys before and took it like men. They didn't try to go head to head with the show out of spite. It's unbecoming Biebs. Stop it. I am sorry that Scooter has made it seem like public hissy fits are in any way appropriate. They are not.

I wonder what the Biebs is gonna do when he finds out that his protege, Carly Rae, went home empty handed tonight? Burn.


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