Monday, February 25, 2013

INTERVIEW: Big Brother Canada Host Arisa Cox talks new gig and BBC Houseguests

When big defining moments happen in our lives we often look back and find the decision that lead us to our current situation.

For some people it is thinking back on the first time they got drunk. 13 years old, downing a bottle Smirnoff Ice in their parent's basement and now, 20 years later,  they are sitting alone on a bar stool, a full blown unemployed alcoholic.

For Arisa Cox, the newly minted Big Brother Canada host, it was deciding to take the risk over a decade ago and go on Canada's first reality show U8TV: The Lofters. She totally wins in this game of life - and that alchie, well they are trying to figure out a way to sue Smirnoff so they can pay rent.

"My mom was horrified that I would even think about it, but most people regret the things they don’t do," said Cox about going on the reality show all those years ago. Now her career has come full circle after a stint on Lofters, a decade of entertainment reporting and now she is back at a house rigged with video cameras as the host of Canada's first ever Big Brother show.

Unlike her American counter part Julie Chen, Cox has the unique ability to empathize with the houseguests as a former reality star herself. "I feel like I’m one of them. I’m not going to sit on my lofty perch judging them. I think if anything I’m going to be putting myself in their shoes far more than the average person would and I think that’s gonna show through in my hosting."

(I will, however, be one of those lofty perch people dishing out shade and respect when I feel warranted - just in case you thought this meant I was going to now try this 'empathy' business. This is not the Hunger Games. You were not conscripted into this madness - so you get what you get.)

When you turn on your TVs on Wednesday to watch the much anticipated show, don't expect to see a stoic personality behind the camera ushering the players into the house like you see with Chen. "I’m very different from Julie Chen, she’s awesome. I get her, I get why she’s been the host for 14 seasons, but she is Julie and I am Arisa. I think you could try to compare us, but once you watch me host you will realize it’s a completely different ball game," said Cox.

As you can tell just by her photo, Arisa is a bundle of fun. After speaking with Cox I can tell you that she is just as she appears - rad. As far as judging people by their photos, that is what we have had to do with the houseguests thus far...even Cox says she hasn't had the pleasure of meeting the cast.

"I’ve seen the bio packs, but I haven’t met them in person," said Cox. I was disappointed that she couldn't give me the inside scoop about who were going to be the gamers and who the douche bags were going to be, but she did tell me what she thought based on what we all know already. As someone with experience in the matter I'd say the 'being correct' odds are in her favour.

Cox's opinion on:

Gary: "I think Gary 100% is going to be a fan favorite. He’s entertaining, he loves glitter, he’s so over the top and I think he’s going to get along really really well with the girls."

(She may be right. I am fully expecting him to walk into the house and be like, "HEEEEEY GUUUURL." So it depends if you hate that or not.)

Emmett: "Forget Jacob and Edward, if you’re 15 Emmett is the hottest guy you’ve ever seen. I think he’s definitely going to have a following because he is the strong silent type as well."

(Are we looking at the same picture? I don't see this.)

Peter: "Peter could quite possibly be the person that everyone is going to love to hate, because he’s kind of got a very mechanical, bloodless perspective of the game."

(That was definitely the vibe I got as well, but I'll have to see it to believe it.)

Suzette: "Suzette is gonna win over a lot of people, she’s got so much energy, she’s really warm and she’s the only mother in the house."

(True, mommy bloggers will love her. I am bored with her already.)

Jillian: "Jillian is gonna have a lot of fans as well because she’s smart and she’s competitive and not to mention beautiful."

(Does she not know that people hate pretty girls? WE ARE ALL JEALOUS BITCHES...just kidding, kind of.)

I am very excited to see if the players live up to my expectations and Arisa's...but only time will tell.  As for Arisa and her hosting skills, I already love her and I haven't even seen her in action. My expectations are high - take note Cox, I'll be watching you.


Big Brother Canada premieres Wednesday February 27 on Slice.

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