Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Highway Don't Care - Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban collaboration (LISTEN)

Tim McGraw is releasing his first ever collaboration with Taylor Swift, which also includes Keith Urban, call Highway Don't Care on his new album Two Lanes of Freedom which was released yesterday.

Taylor is singing country music again guys...what do we think of this?! I was just getting used to jamming to dub-step-Taylor. There is also not enough Keith in this song, highly underutilized.

I like the song. It's not going to be a repeat jam, but it's decent.

Tim McGraw hits the Calgary Stampede later this summer while touring for the album.


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  1. my name is mark Jorgensen I was born on dec 5th and I must say that I am not a music critic you must check this tune out AND I LOVE IT if you ever do read this taylor please keep making all of your dreams come true ps wheres liz


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