Monday, February 11, 2013

GONE VIRAL: Ten ways to do the Harlem Shake

By now you may have heard of the newest viral trend the "Harlem Shake."

The first time I saw one of the videos I was like, "That is the dumbest sh*t I've ever seen." Then, after watching half a dozen, my appreciation grew for the ridiculous stuff people will do in an attempt to go viral.

What is the Harlem Shake? It is not to be confused with the actual Harlem Shake circa the 80s...but the new viral development circa 2013. It is a dance to 30 seconds of Baauers' song Harlem Shake. Here are the general rules...

  1. One person wearing a mask stands dancing in the middle of a public area (the dancing most often includes thrusting).
  2. Everyone else around the first person must ignore their existence. 
  3. At the 15 second mark everyone transforms into walking insanity dancing and having standing seizures (more thrusting).

This is the original video...and the viral versions have reached far beyond the original Power Ranger and unitards.

You can do it on a Montreal. (Note: Trains don't provide for the best angle.)

You can do it at a dentist office. (Note: it looks like they have been dipping into the laughing gas, but I don't think they have.)

You can be slutty...well, disgusting and channeling Silent Bob and then slutty. (Note: There was a sick Norwegian one I wanted to post...but then I thought people would not appreciate the BANG PORN 15 seconds in.)

You can do it at work. (Note: Where does one get a bear costume? I would like a bear costume.)

You can do it at your University. (Note: Western is still trying to prove they are Canada's party university. I am still not convinced.)

You can watch your local news channel attempt it. (Note: The timing was off. And these people do editing for a living. Tisk tisk.)

You can do it in the freezing cold in military attire. (Note: Norway still has conscription, but it looks like they make being in the army fun.)

You can watch famous people do it. (Note: T Pain has two stripper poles in his house. Like, blatantly just hanging out there in the middle of his games room...or is he at a strip club. Now I'm confused.)

You can do it underwater. (Note: Don't attempt this if you A) Can't swim. B) Have bad lungs and might not be able to be submerged for more than five seconds.)

And if all else fails...just get your grandmas in on it. Nothing beats old ladies trying to dance. (Note: I really don't think they saw the look on their grandsons face as he was thrusting...ugh.)


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