Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From the writers of The Hangover comes 21 and Over

You know I'm always down for a good party movie. From the writers of The Hangover comes 21 and Over.

I would like to imagine that this is what Phil, Stu and Doug's* early twenties were like. If Jeff Chang wasn't Asian I would think that he was actually Doug in the younger years - passed out and missing all the fun as usual.

Anyway, I think this movie looks like it will be one of those movies that the kids will go see and then wished the next time they got drunk something 'cool' would happen to them like getting arrested or randomly base jumping off a 20 story building. Or, if you are old and wise like myself you will watch it and think, 'did I really waste my youth being responsible and record free?' Tragedy.

I also think this movie is a prime example as to why they need to raise the legal drinking age in the States.

Poor Jeff Chang is going to ruin his future career because he doesn't know how to handle his liquor at an age when you should be getting a job. I find this highly counter productive.

You need those three years to make your mistakes. 18, 19, 20 - those are the mistake years and should be lived in a bar under the supervision of bartenders and bouncers. How do you ever expect these youngsters to be ready for the real world when they haven't puked up a white Russian while riding a mechanical bull yet? You can't.

I must also point out for the record that I totally heart Miles Teller - if I haven't already, which is entirely possible. He played the redneck cowboy hat guy in the new Footloose movie (which didn't suck as much as everyone thought it was going to - admit it) and the college baseball player in Project X and pretty much only person in that movie who anyone could identify (and when I say anyone I mean me, because clearly I love Miles Teller).

Also in this movie is the guy from Pitch Perfect. He also had a small role on the first season of Girls if you recall. He was the boy Shoshanna went to Jew camp with as a child and then they ran into each other and he was all into her and they were going to hook up until he found out she was a virgin and left. I still hate him for that. Team Shosh. (I also don't like Ray - he is creepy, old and totes not right for Shosh.)

21 and Over is set for theatrical release March 1, 2013.


*If you don't get this reference then you need to just stop and reevaluate your life. Phil, Stu and Doug are the friends from The Hangover. Alan is Zach Galifianakis' character who they didn't meet until later in life.

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