Friday, February 8, 2013

Christina Applegate is leaving Up All Night

Do you watch Up All Night? I have a general disdain for children, so I don't like watching shows that revolve around raising them.

There is a group of people that do watch it however, because it has had two seasons. Not sure if there is going to be a third because Christina Applegate, one of the show's main stars, is set to leave the show.

Christina said the following in a statement, "It’s been a great experience working  on Up All Night, but the show has taken a different creative direction and I decided it was best for me to move on to other endeavors."

The show was planning on moving from it's current single-camera format to multi-camera in front of a live audience. There are five planned shows that have yet to be taped and there is no word yet if Applegate will film these or if she is done as of now.

Most people are thinking that this will mean the end of the show, but there is also rumours that the producers may be trying to get former Friends alumn Lisa Kudrow to replace her.


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