Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chris Brown going back to court over fake community service records

Chris Brown may have falsified reports claiming that he completed the 1,400 hours of community service he was supposed to do after the Rihanna face beating incident. This is according to the LA District Attorney that filed for the judge to revoke Brown's probation because, after an investigation, they couldn't find 'credible evidence' that Brown completed his community service hours.

There were several discrepancies in the documents that he filed. One of the concerns was that he logged half of his time in 7 months which took him over 24 months previously. He also had logged time when he was actually in Cancun and performed tasks that the people who actually performed them claimed they were the only people who ever did it.

They are also claiming that his mother signed off on a bunch of his hours at a day care centre that she works at as a director. Enabler.

Do you realize what this means? It means that after he beat the f-ck out of his girlfriend's face he got off scott-free. Nothing happened to him. It's appalling.

The fact that he didn't go to jail had most people reeling. This is going to put people over the edge. I am not sure what the options are here legally, but one would hope that if you were lying to the court and not completing the terms of your probation (on top of getting in bar brawls and having drugs in your possession) that they would just send him to jail and be done with it. It is clear to the entire universe that Brown is in need of a SERIOUS reality check.

Who does something like that and then doesn't complete their reparations? What a spoiled little f-ck.


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