Sunday, February 24, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 2 nearly sweeps the Razzies, Stopped by Adam Sandler and Rihanna

Tonight we are going to see the Academy honor the best films and actors of the year, but last night the Razzies burned all of the worst.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 (BDP2), the final film in the Twilight franchise, had a good chance to sweep this year, but luckily for the flick last year Adam Sandler made a movie and Rihanna decided to try her hand at 'acting'.

Adam Sandler won for Worst Actor for That's My Boy beating out Robert Pattinson's stoned emotionally vacant performance in BDP2.

This is the third Golden Raspberry the actor has taken home in this category with a total of 8 nominations (second highest ever behind Sylvester Stallone). Last year Sandler also took home Worst Actress for his drag role in Jack and Jill. I am pretty sure Sandler is being paid by the US Government to make films that they will later use to torture prisoners at Guantanamo. Water-boarding, who needs it?

After 3 consecutive nominations and no wins, Kristen Stewart was FINALLY named Worst Actress for BDP2 and Snow White and the Huntsman winning over Barbara Streisand, Milla Jovovich, Katherine Heigl and Tyler Perry.  I am unimpressed that Stewart didn't win for any of her other Twilight roles and that she needed two movies to finally clinch the win. It speaks to the illegitimacy of the entire category.

Taylor Lautner was also reppin for BDP2 last night with a win in the Worst Supporting Actor category. Taylor has had two consecutive losses in the Worst Actor, so I am glad he was finally able to pull through and really get recognized for his terrible work. To be quite honest, he should have been fired from every future job after his 5 minute stint in Valentine's Day - that should have been his career ender.

BDP2's Ashley Green didn't pull out enough suck to take the Worst Supporting Actress win, that went to Rihanna in her acting debut in Battleship.

Worst Cast Ensemble went to the BDP2 cast - that was the cast's fourth nomination in the category and first win. About damn time. I am annoyed that they didn't win before, what is wrong with the voters? It's appalling. Now they may have the chance to say that the only reason they won is because this was their last hurrah. A blood boiling fallacy, but what those kids will probably tell themselves to get to sleep at night.

The final Twilight movie also managed to snag Worst Screen Couple (Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy), Worst Director (Bill Condon), Worst Pre-quel, Sequel, Remake or RipOff and Worst Picture.


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