Thursday, January 24, 2013

Showcase's CONTINUUM renewed for a Second Season

Showcase has renewed its Vancouver filmed Sci-Fi series Continuum for a second season which will air starting in April 2013. The finale of season 1 was the most-watched finale in Showcase's history.

The show follows a cop, Kiera Cameron, from the future (2077) who follows a group of terrorists back in time to present day Vancouver. The first season was actually decent – and yes I did watch it as I was promised a naked fight scene and they delivered. So that was awesome.

The second season is going to be, storyline wise, similar to the first. Kiera will still be trying to find out how to get back home to her family in the future and will probably fail – again.

Does anyone remember that show Sliders from the 90s – where they travel between Universes and are trying to get back to their actual home? That’s what this reminds me of…which means it is only a matter of time before I get annoyed that it isn’t working out for the protagonist and give up on the show. FYI – they didn’t get home in Sliders and I am pretty sure it ended with a cliff hanger. So douchey.

Anyways, I hope the Continuum writers don't think that type of tomfoolery is appropriate.


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