Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oprah in Alberta: She came, she got cold, she moved onto Vancouver

Oprah in Edmonton at Rexall Place
Oprah was Alberta bound earlier this week. Monday night she was in Edmonton (which she compared to Sibera due to the cold snap) and Tuesday night she came down to Calgary and gave Edmonton a shout out by mistake (no, not yet forgiven).

I know we were all thinking...huss is coming here in January and expects something else? Insanity.
I don't have much to report on the matter as I didn't want to spend $500 on a good seat to see her (I'd rather not pay $200 for nose bleed seats) and my harlot ad on Kijiji for tickets didn't have any takers.

What I do know is a slew of people updated their twitter feeds and facebook statues to "I'm inspired" or "Oprah blew my mind"...translation: "Ah ha bitches who didn't get to see Oprah - suck on this." I admit, my status would have been similar (but way more creative and less lame) had I got to see the great Ope, but it was not my time.

Tomorrow Ope will be in Vancouver, probably gushing about how mild the temperature is while complaining about the rain and what it is doing to her weave.

Ope, braving the cold to get a photo in the snow with her white hat

Below is a clip from her Calgary show when she was being interviewed by Canadian media personality George Stroumboulopoulos (aka Strombo). I heard that it was least interesting part of the night...but I do like their conversation about how we say "about" and that Oprah thinks Canadians are nice. I generally think that is a fall back for Americans that come to our country...I honestly don't think they think we are any nicer than anyone else - and you're Oprah for crying out loud, obviously people are going to be nice to you, they want your money. Gawd.


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