Thursday, January 3, 2013

MTV's newest trashality TV show premieres tonight: BUCKWILD

MTV's newest reality/debauchery show, Buckwild, premieres tonight. It didn't take long for MTV to repollute the airwaves with young idiots after they wrapped Jersey Shore in December.

The previews make the show look like a mix of WipeOut, Jackass, Honey Boo Boo and every small town high school house party...with awesome West Virigina accents, obviously.

From what you are told, these people all hail from the small town of Sissonville, WV and may or may not have been friends before the show was started. I am assuming something along the lines of Laguna Beach...sort of friends and then portrayed as "besties for life". You get the drill.

The trailer for the show also just shows the twenty-somethings doing outdoor mud. What do they do when it gets cold outside? Crack?

I am not sure how well the show will do. Are people over this kind of thing after Jersey Shore? Or will it be as big of a hit? 

Buckwild premieres tonight at 8 pm MST on MTV.


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