Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kim Kardashian and fetus host a party at Cowboys Calgary

Kim K on the red carpet heading into Cowboys via instagram
Kim Kardashian hosted the Annual ICED party at Cowboys tonight in Calgary. I am assuming Penny Lane Entertainment probably paid her the equivalent of feeding a country in Africa for 10 years to stand on a read carpet for a few moments and then 'host' a party.

I got a couple of mixed reports, but it looks like she was only in the club for about an hour. Some say she left before and some say after, but nothing spectacular happened. And why would it? For one, she is pregs and two - she is the most boring person on that show. What exactly were you expecting?

I also like that she was dressed like she was going to a hooker funeral. It's not THAT cold bitch. You don't have to dress like you are going to Mass. Is this what you normally wear when you go out? I think not.

Not sure how Kim felt about the event...or Calgary...or anything besides the Clippers winning a Basketball game tonight. She did however, place the (I am assuming) contracted tweet about going to Cowboys earlier today. Sign the cheque Penny Lane. Hope it was worth it.

Kim takes a photo with some fans at Cowboys via

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  1. Another pathetic read from the pathetic writer. You refer to the baby as a fetus? Now go choke on a pretzel and learn some respect.


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