Monday, January 7, 2013

JEAH...Ryan Lochte reality TV show a GO

JEAH….E! has announced that the Ryan Lochte reality show is officially a go. Greaaaaat. It will be titled What Would Ryan Lochte Do? and will follow him being douchey, wearing grillz and picking up chicks. I think some swimming stuff will be involved as well.

Last summer, if I would have said Ryan Lochte everyone would have known who I was talking about, but just in case you forgot: He was the kid who said he was going to win a bazillion gold medals at the London Olympics and came out with only 2 (same number he got in 2008 – when you had no idea who he was because of the real master, Phelps).

He also the guy that trademarked "Jeah" a stupid catchphrase that he thought made him sound like a bad ass. Probably the same thing he thought when he purchased a $25,000 grill. Can someone please tell this biatch he is not Lil' Wayne? Good lord.

Anyways, he now has a reality show…which makes him one of the few people featured on E! that ever did anything legitimate to warrant a TV show. I'm talking to you Kardashians. And when I say legitimate I mean…not really. I would rather watch Phelps.


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