Friday, January 4, 2013

Buckwild...Anna fights Willy Wonka and subtitles are used

I am not going to rehash the first episode of Buckwild for you. It was a brain bleed and besides the fact that it had a couple guys talking like they were mildly-handicapped, I didn't really see a whole lot about this show that was any different from any white trash small town in North America.

Sorry West Virginia, you're not that special. Driving trucks around in the dirt and make-shift swimming pools because your town is too f-cking ghetto to provide any form of legit entertainment is not an anomaly. It's the average small town existence...with out the drugs, which oddly seem to be missing from this equation.

Anna gets in a confrontation with neighbour 'Willy Wonka'
Anyways, the best part of the whole show was Anna. She is a show.

When the girls decide to throw a party at their house to piss off their police calling neighbour it gets sloppy. The crazy haired neighbour (who someone refers to as "Willy Wonka") comes over to tell them to shut it down and Anna gets all up in her the point where her friends need to jump her and carry her into the house. The next day they get evicted. Awesome.

But then she went and blew her new found greatness by being CRAZY obsessed with finding out if Cara (the ginger friend from college) was hooking up with Tyler (the mildly handicapped speaking pretty boy of the group). "I will get to the bottom of this." Why do you care?! Like seriously...if they were to give some kind of "and they used to date" history or something it would make a lot more sense, but she is just continuously coming off crazy.

My favourite turned out to be annoying and now I don't like any of them. So that's the end of that. Well that, and I promised myself after the premiere of Honey Boo Boo that I would never watch a show regularly that had the need for subtitles for people speaking English this side of the pond.


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