Monday, January 21, 2013

Arisa Cox to Host Big Brother Canada

And the host of Big Brother Canada is....

YOU GUESSED IT: Some chick you have probably never heard of (Arisa Cox) from a old Canadian reality TV show you have definitely never heard of (Lofters)...but we have all heard of Big Brother, so we're good!

Will this woman be able to make us forget about the Julie Chen and "but first..."? I hope so.

The angle Arisa is working is that Lofters was a "you are taped 24/7 in a loft" she can relate to the cast members on a level that other hosts may not have been able to previously. That's right Julie Chen, suck on that.

We are almost a month out of the start of the last time you will see me Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. Big Brother Canada hits the tube on Wednesday February 27 (note: this date is also my birthday - gifts welcome)!


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