Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wrap 2012: Top 10 Movies

While looking through my reviews from this year I found that I saw a lot of less than stellar films. I wasn't sure that this list was going to come together. Hollywood did give us these gems this year though - praise the lord. And they were beautiful.
The Grey
Liam Neeson in a movie with a one word title. Clearly this was going to be amazing. I have gotten on planes during whiteouts multiples times since seeing this movie...each time I say "LOOKS LIKE THE GREY HEY?!" to the people getting on the plane with me - hasn't gotten good results yet.

"Liam Neeson is so bad ass you kind of thought he might make it out alive." - Jes

If I only got to pick one movie this year, Argo would be it. It was the perfect amount of everything (intensity, drama, comedy, truth)...well, almost everything. Ben Affleck could not make it onto a top ten list of people that can pull off shaggy hair...but other than that: Ben Affleck for the win - for all the wins.

"I have been wanting to say this since Gone Baby Gone, but I thought it may have been premature...but I can say with certainty now - Ben Affleck has arrived. I have never hated him as an actor, but as a director...there is a definite award winning future there." - Jes

The must see superhero movie...of all time.

"The obvious stand out was Robert Downey Jr.. He made this movie...and I am going to go out on a limb and say that this movie would have licked so badly if he wasn't in it." - Jes

Hunger Games
I saw this movie again after my movie disaster...and it was epic second time around. Still didn't really live up to the book, but enjoyable.

"Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect Katniss." - Jes

My husband made a funny this year! Ted was amazing. Love love love. Seth MacFarlane is totally welcome to come into my polygamist family (which includes my first husband Mark Wahlberg, my second husband Michael Buble) because funny people are always welcome.

"How many people think that a movie about a guy whose teddy bear comes to life and grows up with him is going to be horrifically stupid? Are you also the same group of people that are naysayers of the cartoon with the family who has a talking dog? Cause all of this stuff is from the same mind." - Jes 

Safety Not Guaranteed
There was something endearing and awesome about this slightly odd movie...and The New Girl's Jake Johnson as Jeff - epic.

"This is one of the rare gems in indie film making that makes me believe hipsters still come from a breed that like to please people instead of piss them off..." - Jes

Project X

"Loved it. Hilarious. I want to drink all my liquor from now until forever out of a challis. Superbad meets the Hangover meets Weird Science. Shouldn't be watched by teenagers who fall into the "I saw Jackass and decided to jump from a 20 story building into a swimming pool" variety of human." - Jes

You can't accuse me of hating on female comedies for some sort of embedded woman on woman hate. I hated Bridesmaids cause it was lame. This was awesome. I just don't like women shitting themselves as a form of humour. Gross. Pass.
"Bridesmaids - suck on this." - Jes

The Impossible
All other disaster movies need to learn from this one. Ewan McGregor made me cry.

"Anyways, it was graphic and pretty moving (I am pretty sure I shed a tear)..." - Jes

Pitch Perfect
Had to have a musical on the list. Rock of Ages didn't cut it and Rebel Wilson makes any movie worth watching.

"Matching pitch with some other musical greats!" - Jes

UPDATE: I would like to ammend this list. As I don't htink it would be far to remove a film that made the list originally, I will add an 11th film. The Silver Linings Playbook was certainly one of the best, I have seen in years. It was right up there with Argo and The Impossible, unfortunatley I didn't see it until the beginning of 2013.


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