Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Who are the new Real Housewives of Vancouver for Season 2? (UPDATE)

Originally published Dec 28, 2012

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is going to be back on the tube come February, but who will be joining the three left over veterans (Mary Zilba, Jody Claman and Ronnie Negus). Who can fill the shoes of Christina and Reiko?

It's time to play "Whose ass is in the photo?"

Mary Zilba, Ioulia Reynolds and Mashiah Vaughn via
Well, I told you that the most concrete rumour out there was of Ioulia Reynolds, Russian housewife to a rich Canadian guy in mining. But who are the other two? Here are the two best leads I could find (97% sure).

Mary Zilba and Mashiah Vaughn via
Mashiah Vaughn
She is, according to her Twitter profile, is the spokeswoman for the Steve Nash Fitness Club, on the Board of Directors for the Children's Wish Foundation, model, actress and, of course, a mother. Besides the fact that she posts a lot of photos of her kid on the internet, she looks like she may be legit.

Mary Zilba and Robin Richmond Reichman via
Robin Richmond Reichman
From Texas (so awesome) and that's about all I know about this one. I am going to guess that she is a Republican however, due to her tweets about Christ in Christmas etc. lately. I have no idea what she does or if she is married. Some things need to be a surprise I guess.

What I do know is that there are a lot of pictures turning up of Mary Zilba with the new ladies...but not any of Jody or Ronnie. Do we know where the line in the sand has been drawn? Or do Jody and Ronnie have better things to do than go out to events and observe fashion shows? They probably weren't invited.

Robin Reichman, unknown, Mary Zilba, Mashiah Vaughn, Marika Palmer and unknown via

I'm ready for some Housewife drama. I hope Jody is extra eccentric and crazy this season.

UPDATE: I have been told that Mashiah Vaughn is NOT one of the 3 new ladies on the show (but will make an appearance or two)...the rumoured 6th woman is Amanda Hansen (pictured below). Again, this is all speculation (although Robin and Ioulia are both listed on the Show's Wiki page) so we will have to wait and see if we are right.



  1. Robin is right. Mishiah is definately wrong. Amanda maybe, but not Mishiah. Maybe she's a new "friend" of the housewives?

  2. The unknown women in the group photo are Skye Natasha Lintott between Robin and Mary and Mary's cousin Elaine on the far right.

  3. Doesn't Robin look as if she went through sex change? She looks like a guy!


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