Monday, December 31, 2012

The Kardashian-West Fetus....IT'S ALIVE

Well this news is almost as exciting/frightening as the Spawn of Snooki announcement earlier this year: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are procreating, completely solidifying Kanye's wish to never have legit status in the world - ever again.

In true weirdo fashion, Kanye made the first public announcement of the pregnancy at a concert in Atlanta...where his fans were probably like, "You haven't dumped that bitch yet? You cray Kanye." Then of course her family started tweeting references to it etc. Oddly enough we haven't received full page press releases to the names they have chosen, what the nursery colours are going to be and if they have already inked an E! deal for a baby reality show.

Now we must take a moment for poor Khloe, the least hated Kardashian in my books, girl has been trying to get pregs after getting married, but is barren or whatever and her two unmarried sisters are just popping them out like cheeseburgers in a McDonalds' assembly line. It's probably for the best Khloe, you don't want to raise kids around your family anyways. They would be messed right the f-ck up.

Then there is Kanye as a parent. He will probably start a parenting blog for his kid...when the kid is going to get in trouble he will write a bog post in CAPS so his kid knows he ain't messin' around.

To all the people out there who are trying to get pregs for legit reasons and can't...I really truly feel sorry for you. Shit like this probably makes you want to kill someone.


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